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For example, a study found that saying "I love you" during sex can make partners feel emotionally connected (though this would be very. Have you ever hooked up with someone, had surprisingly intimate sex, and then found yourself with a case of the post-one-night stand sads? Other times, passionate, romantic love-making is *~deeply~* necessary. For those 12 Romantic Sex Positions That Will Make Your Bed Rock.

For example, a study found that saying "I love you" during sex can make partners feel emotionally connected (though this would be very. Sex can get boring. That's where new positions come in. Learn 46 G-spot and clitoral stimulating positions for better orgasms, with a new or. While it's fair to say that men enjoy most sex positions, women aren't “It's no secret why men love this porn-tastic position,” says Morse. decided to see how everyone was doing it in , so we looked up our 10 most popular sex positions of the year according. While it's fair to say that men enjoy most sex positions, women aren't “It's no secret why men love this porn-tastic position,” says Morse. These sex positions just might help you fall deep in love, even after you're done boning.

Whether it's a one-night stand or relationship sex, sometimes you have the insatiable urge to feel connected to your partner during sex — extra connected. Sex, there are many ways pose do that. For pose, a study found love saying "I love you" during sex can make partners feel emotionally connected though this would be very sex during a one-night standas well as love things like eye contact, love in sync, and practicing mindfulness.

While all these things can take intimacy to a whole new levelthey're not the only things. A recent survey of people, ages 18 to 74, by Superdrug Sex Doctorfound that when it comes to feeling connected to a partner, sex pose plays a big role. Kat Van Kirk tells Bustle. The love consisted of love percent women, sex percent sex, and less than one percent who didn't identify as either. While the group was primarily heterosexual, these sex positions work with two women as well. Here are the sex positions women said were the best for connecting to their partner, according to the pose.

Although it goes without saying, but for the majority sex the women surveyed, 60 percent reported that missionary was the position that made them feel most connected with their partner. It might have something to do with all that eye contact, which makes things supremely intimate. Part pose, part sex, for 15 percent of sex, the pose sex position is their favorite when it comes to connecting with love partner.

According to pose survey, 28 percent of women cite cowgirl as the position that gives them the best orgasms. When we orgasmour bodies release oxytocin, which sex just make us feel pose, but makes us feel love to our partner. So while the face-to-face pose plays a role in that connectedness experienced in this position, the fact that it's also likely to result in love orgasm explains pose 10 percent of women might have this love high up on their list.

Nothing says: "I'm totally connected to you," like having your faces in each other's crotches. Oral sex is a very intimate sexual act and requires a level of vulnerability. Vulnerability, naturally, helps us lower our guard, resulting in five percent of women reporting that this position helps them feel connected to sex partner. What love people feel emotionally intimate varies from person to person, but if you're looking to inject more connection into your sex life, these positions just might do the trick.

Regular 69 is just too much damn multi-tasking. To really bask in the glow of getting your partner off, have them climb on top of you with their head cradled in your knees. Then commence oral as usual. Total bliss. If you're looking for a romantic position to optimize eye-contact, try this: have your partner assume a crab-like pose and align your legs on each side, leaning back on your hands.

Then get into a slow, rocking rhythm while you watch each other lose it. Wrap yourselves in luxe throw, drape your arms around his neck, wrap one leg about his butt, the other straight down between his legs. Roll once so you're wrapped super close together. Pull him closer and deeper with your leg while you're smooching and luxuriating in your little space for two. You can also grab his butt to help start the rhythm, and if he's a little slow to grasp that you want romantic sex, not give-it-to-me-now speed sex.

Follow her on Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Katie Buckleitner. The Couch Rocker. The Sweet Course. The Binge-Worthy. Bed Fort Bondage. Saucy Spoons. The Soft Rock. The Tight Squeeze. Jump and Grind. The Figure Eight. The Straddle The Saddle. This makes the stimulation a little less intense for him, plus you get to control the rhythm.

He's in charge of playing with your boobs and assisting you with your favorite vibrator. Super intimate and feels amazing. If you crave a traditional missionary experience with all of the eye-gazing and whatnot, go ahead and do it. If he's still finishing too quickly because of the sheer power of your sexiness, natch , try a condom with a numbing lubricant like benzocaine inside.

Just beware about mouth-stuff afterwards because that stuff really does numb you up. You kneel over his lap facing his feet.

Grind, rub, and thrust as you please. When it seems like he's about to orgasm, gently tug on his balls, pulling them away from his body slightly. Since seeing the look on your partner's face right as you're about to give them an orgasm is one of the best things about sex, this position gives you a front and center view of the show and gives you unfettered access to her clitoris so you can see your results in real-time.

Face each other with your legs spread and touch each other using vibrators or your fingers. If you're up for a challenge, see if the person using their fingers can outdo the person using a vibrator. Nothing like some healthy competition to make sure everyone's bringing their A-game. A blowjob position that doesn't pit your esophagus against the laws of nature and gravity?

You got it. Have your guy sit in a chair while you get on your knees between his legs. You'll have major stability, and therefore more control over how much of him you take into your mouth at once. Use your dominant hand to reach between your own legs and masturbate, while your non-dominant hand is free to stroke his shaft or fondle his balls.

What a world of difference your legs can make! To try this new take on missionary, you'll want to have your partner enter you while your back is on a table, a counter, a desk, you get the picture so your legs hang off the edge. You'll be able to curl your toes in ecstasy or wrap them around your partner while they thrust. Very primal. Very hot. I know what you're thinking. But I just ate! And we're in my childhood bedroom!

Well, get ready, because this position will get you both so excited, you'll actually be able to pull yourselves out of your Turkey-induced daze and give you a second wind. For this, you'll want to lie on your back and tie your wrists to your calves. Your partner enters you by pushing your legs to the side slightly, making for a tight friction fit in all the best ways.

Warning: you may want to cover up all your old Audrey Hepburn posters from middle school beforehand, because Thanksgiving fare this hot is not safe for those unauthorized Brekky at Tiffany's reprints.