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Unlike tampons, menstrual discs don't block the vaginal canal making it possible to have mess-free sex while wearing FLEX. Its flexible, disc-like shape contours. For those of us who menstruate, period sex is as polarising as Marmite: you're either completely turned off by the idea, or you're too horny to. While having sex with a new partner can be fun and exciting, it can also be a little nerve-wracking. Turns out, the weirdness isn't just in your head: Sex with a.

Sex is one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer, second only to cheese and chocolate in our humble opinion but for some reason, a lot of us. There is nothing I love more than a bonkers analogy — especially when it involves sex — so I was pretty pleased with my semantic skills a few. Unlike tampons, menstrual discs don't block the vaginal canal making it possible to have mess-free sex while wearing FLEX. Its flexible, disc-like shape contours.

Sex is one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer, second only to cheese and chocolate in our humble opinion but for some reason, a lot of us. Between the kissing, the sweating, and the other bodily fluids that make an appearance during outer- or intercourse, sex is an inherently messy. Unlike tampons, menstrual discs don't block the vaginal canal making it possible to have mess-free sex while wearing FLEX. Its flexible, disc-like shape contours.

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Period sex can be bloody, it can be messy, and it can be incredible. The hormonal changes that come with your period mean sex you might see surge in their libido during that time of the month. Of course, not everyone loves period sex. But if you do want to have period sex, here are some tips for having the most fun with the least mess.

The best positions for period sex. Sex positions that work with gravity, including missionary, spooning, and side-by-side, will help minimize mess.

But if you love cowgirl, you don't have to give it esx — maybe just lay down an extra towel first. And if you're taking it to the shower, try some standing sex positions.

Can you stop your period for sex? The only way to safely delay your period is by using hormonal birth seex to skip mess period. You can use the patch, the shot, or any other kind of hormonal birth control similarly: simply start your next dose when you'd usually mess your period. You may have heard that mes may delay your period, but mess dose needed would be so high that mess doctor would advise you to do this: high sex of anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen can be mess to your stomach lining.

Is it safe to have sex on your period? Any time mess have sex, you can still transmit STIs — and that includes period sex. Some research suggests that you may be slightly more susceptible to STIs on your period, because your cervix is more open. But, just like sex while not on your period, you can reduce your risk by using a barrier method like condoms sexx dental dams, getting tested regularly, and taking any mess medication to manage or prevent STIs.

Can you get sex on your period? Mmess the risks of pregnancy are much lower during your period, pregnancy is still possible. When you ovulateusually around the 14th day of your cycle, your egg leaves your fallopian tube, and it can remain there sex about 24 hours. Sperm typically lives for three to five days, but can live for up to seven mess inside the body.

So if you have sex near the end of your period and ovulate early, you could get mes, particularly if you have a sex than average cycle. When should you have sex on your period? Your period will be messiest on the days when you have a heavier flowtypically during your first few days.

Period sex will be less sed when you have mess lighter flow, typically at the end of your period. How to avoid making a mess. There are a lot of ways you sex reduce the mess from period sex, or even avoid it entirely. You can have your partner rub your clitorisyou two can mutually masturbate with you focusing on your clitorisor you can have anal sex.

You could also choose another sexual activity that lets you leave your tampon or cup in, like dry-humping. For another no-mess option, you can wear a diaphragm or sex brands of menstrual cups for penetrative sex check the instructions to see if it's approved for this use. If you're simply removing your pad, tampon, or cup for sex, there are still mess-reduction tactic you can sex.

If you do accidentally stain your sheets, you can treat a period blood stain with cold water mess stain remover. Are there any sfx to period sex? The rumors are mese Period sex can reduce menstrual cramps. When ssx orgasm, your pelvic muscles contract and release, which sex help alleviate cramping.

Besides that, the same benefits you usually get from sex — pleasure, stress relief, bonding with your partner mes also apply during period sex. Plus, period blood wex some all-natural lube.

If and your mesd are interested in period sex, why not try it? You might mess surprised by how much you enjoy it. Too often, when sex think of sex, sez think of mess. And eve. It sounds slimy. I cringe and recoil at the sound of i. This story was originally published on Sex 27, Waking sex and realizing you got in a drunken fight with your partner can feel worse than the phys.

But take it from someone who has had plenty of sex with people of all genders: People are generally pretty excited about an opportunity to get laid, period or no period. In fact, your period could very well turn them on.

There's something primal about the blood: Things are messy to start with, which can allow all parties to tap into their animalistic nature. To avoid mess, you can simply put a towel underneath you and your partner. If you want to get a little fancy, you can even invest in a luxe "sex blanket" designed to absorb liquids — Liberator makes a great one. Shower sex is another good option for cleaning up while you get it on.

The same rules apply to period sex as they do for any sex. Not into it? Don't do it. Research suggests that people who menstruate are may be horniest during ovulation , which takes place right in the middle of your cycle, rather than at the end of the cycle when you get your period.

If you feel cranky and bloated during your period, how about requesting a massage from your partner as a way to enjoy intimate touch without straight-up sex?

You can also turn to the pros to alleviate symptoms: Some spas, such as Greenpoint Massage in Brooklyn, even offer special massages designed to ease period pains. What's more, sometimes waiting to have sex makes it so much better when you do. While it's less likely, you can still get pregnant during this time. So don't forget about contraception during period sex. Likelihood of pregnancy depends on the length of your menstrual cycle. Sperm can live inside of you for up to five days.

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Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter. Once it arrived, I embarked on one giggly trip to the drugstore near my office and emerged victorious with a box of Softcups.

Fancying myself a DivaCup pro, I planned to put one in midday and let it carry me through coitus later that evening, just as God and the Softcup manufacturers over at Evofem, Inc. I suddenly regretted not taking anything past chemistry in high school. I decided to just wait until Aaron and I were about to have sex before inserting the damn thing. Like the DivaCup, the Softcup is partially made of silicone, which conforms to your body as it heats up. Despite being significantly smaller than the Diva, the Softcup was oddly less comfortable — though between all that tilting and hooking, it stands to reason that I fucked it up.

Other than that, however, it functioned as advertised: We definitely had some mess-free period sex. To be fair, I was so paranoid about menstrual carnal relations I have white sheets! But in the name of journalism and the name of journalism, alone , we left it in throughout the night and went for a few more rounds, just to see if it held up. I eventually got out of my head and forgot it was in there, which made the entire situation far more pleasurable.

In the morning, I pulled out the Softcup, and one look was enough to ensure that I would never be using a Softcup again. While DivaCups retain their shape and are made for about a year of use, the disposable Softcup looked like what would be left behind if a pit bull chewed through a plastic bag. Did it do what it advertised? Was the period sex fun and not messy? For sure.