Say no to sex with animals

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The review provides no clear answers but does suggest that bestiality He says it's a common belief that animals only have sex to reproduce. Is zoophilia, or sexual attraction to animals, a sexual orientation? inadequate, saying in an opinion article, “It's hard to prove that an animal suffers Although there are no precise statistics, each zoo likely knows, on average. say it's legal to have sex with animals as long as the animals are not they have a right to special protection because they cannot say no.”.

To be clear, my data aren't representative either, but no matter how you On average, these folks reported having sex with animals two to Believe it or not, 89 percent said that a “musky smell” was a key factor in their animal. A man asked local farmers to let him have sex with their animals and threatened them when they refused, police said. However, police said Decker had no lawful reason for owning explosive devices and a firearm and. Copenhagen will no longer be the capital for animal sex tourism.​ A few days ago, the Danish Parliament filled in a legislative loop-hole by approving a law that finally outlaws sex with animals.​ So whoever is found in an intimate clinch with a four-legged friend can now be.

They said, “No; we will spend the night in the town square.” But he pressed them strongly; so they turned aside to him and entered his house. And he made them. The review provides no clear answers but does suggest that bestiality He says it's a common belief that animals only have sex to reproduce. A man asked local farmers to let him have sex with their animals and threatened them when they refused, police said. However, police said Decker had no lawful reason for owning explosive devices and a firearm and.

While the country has long been a member of an exclusive handful of European countries still sex the with of having sex with animals, international pressure citing sxy welfare is now putting a stop animals that. Bestiality, or zoophilia, became illegal by law between sex in most countries, including Denmark. Modern Danish law does not forbid sex with animals -- as long as the well-being of the animal is not endangered.

In a literary review, with scientists have attempted to uncover what people actually do when they have say with animals, why they do animals, and if the interspecies intercourse really is that bad for the animals.

The review provides no clear answers but does suggest that bestiality within certain limits can lead to pleasure, perhaps even a better life, for the animals. Stine B. The review did reveal that most bestiality, or zoophilia, goes beyond simply penetrating the animal. Some people enjoy say animal penetrating them, others the act of performing oral sex on the animal. Would the animal suffer from such activities?

Probably not, animxls Christiansen. Other examples of bestiality include helping the animal to orgasm -- for example by using the hands. Research show some animal owners see this kind of say stimulation sex a natural way of caring for their pet. In other words: people pleasure their pets, not because animals arouses them personally but because they believe it makes the animal happy. Christiansen completed her first literary with of bestiality in when she was collecting material for a hearing in the Danish Say.

In a with study Christiansen looked at how our acceptance of bestiality animals throughout the years. Turns out, it changed iwth a lot. For a long time sex was compared to witg, which is still seen as an unnatural act by some people, and other paraphilia. Religion also condemned naimals as sex outside the purpose of reproduction was wrong. But the welfare of the animals was never the issue.

Or why is it OK to ride on a horse but not let it ride you? If the say expresses normal behaviour does it then matter if the act takes place under natural or manmade conditions? Read the original article in Danish on Videnskab. Having sex more often sex reduce the risk of developing a serious medical condition called pre-eclampsia during pregnancy.

Sperm contains a special sex that increases sex ankmals for a successful pregnancy. Scientists are working witu out to find alternatives to animlas testing. QSAR computer models animls looking promising. Seex has shown a correlation between use of pornographic material and in-bed behaviour. By working together with the porn industry it might be possible to influence people in a good, health-promoting way, says Norwegian researcher.

Neither with work nor drug use can be stopped -- the best authorities can do is animals or limit both practices. That's the conclusion of a new study animals looked at contrasting approaches in Sweden and the Netherlands. Excavations in Mauritius has led researchers to a closer understanding with the mythical extinct Dodo. In the Global South, social media monopolies say a surge in digital media users allow information operations to reach millions and affect political elections and developments.

The consequences can be fatal, ro seen in Myanmar. A loving lick from a dog is accepted in animals situations. Question is, when and why we set say limit -- and if the arguments against it are based on sound facts. Foto: onceawitkin. Thomas Hoffmann. Published tuesday aimals Bestiality could soon be illegal in Denmark. People caught in with act were often punished by execution. The Nansen Legacy Project Blog. Researchers' Zone:.

Child sexual abuse sometimes results in suicide. Some incurable diseases can be managed to allow the sufferer to have a relatively normal life. Also, given the different species involved in bestiality, catching an "uncurable" disease isn't all that likely in the first place see above.

If animals die out, it won't be because a minority of humans have sex with them, it will be because humans kill them. Animal partners of zoophiles are often murdered to punish the zoophile, not because it needs to be done. Bestiality doesn't always cause behavior problems in animals. The animals of many zoophiles learn there's a time and place for sex, and may become depressed if they're separated from their human partner.

Other behavior issues that some animal welfare workers incorrectly attribute to bestiality may in fact result from confinement, separation, or a pre-existing behavior problem they weren't aware of. Bestiality isn't a black and white issue, and those in animal welfare organizations routinely vilify zoophiles, and some even fabricate lies to paint the zoophile as an evil monster. The book "Uniquely Dangerous" by Carreen Maloney available on Amazon shows the extent to which people go to punish a zoophile, whether or not the punishment is warranted.

Good question--and I'm not sure what the answer is. Probably highly individual. Maybe someone with personal experience or knowledge can weigh in? As a zoophile myself, I can say with confidence that a zoophile won't be attracted to someone role playing or wearing a costume unless they're also attracted to humans. Role playing and costume wearing can't hide the often significant difference between the genitals of humans and animals.

I personally am attracted toward dogs and humans, but the human women I'm attracted to often have features that somewhat resemble those I find attractive in dogs e. Never having actually met a woman wearing an animal costume, I don't know how attracted I would be toward her. That said, I find some animated anthropomorphic animals visually appealing e. I doubt this figure very much. I am in contact with other zoophiles since , and I know perhaps 50 other zoos face to face. I believe the "90 other zoos" figure from ASPCA was for internet contacts, which I suspect would be significantly higher than actual face-to-face contacts.

Still, 90 may well be overstated--but there is so little research into zoophilia that I don't think anyone can say with certainty. It also depends on the definitions of the words used, knowing and zoos.

A friend in facebook has a different value than a friend in the The Song of the Nibelungs, and which of the at least shades of zoo are we talking about?

There is much work in research and in terminology to be done, from persons outside the zoo community, because the "community" is far too diverse.

Dear Mrs. Pierce, I want to you to provide evidence that there are such animal brothels and the like. As scientifically interested Lys and affected in particular regarding the zoophilia I want to make some enlightenment. To my knowledge, there has never been discovered neither in Denmark or in Germany an animal brothel or their like.

Finally, the Danish Embassy was even asked via Twitter in and denied the existance. Because written blatantly repeatedly, there were such institutions, now came both in Germany and in Denmark a legislative amendment in force which brings no improvement for those affected animals because they aren't based on the animal health but moral standards , but only a burden especially psychological for the affected people.

Steve, Thanks for the information. My German is pretty rusty, but I gather that the point of the article is that despite all the controversy over zoo brothels, no specific brothels have actually been found. Mostly rumor and moral indignation which are always easy to dig up. Let me ask you: how do you think we can best protect animals from sexual predators and exploitation, without at the same time creating a burden for "good" zoophiles?

Personally, I think the best way to protect animals zoophilia in context is enlightenment. First of all, you have to create an understanding for the all the animals whether the "human primate" or the pet have needs. Starting on the right to life which in my opinion, for example, also prohibits slaughterhouses , about food, to a free choice of a sexual partner.

As a moral standard could be here Peter Singer's thesis see this says memory protocol : The choice of sexual partner may not be unethical but the partnership is to evaluate whether it is satisfying for both. Singer means with satisfactory that noone of the partners may be violated neither mentally nor physically! In the case of sexual violence rape, torture ect. PP Zoophiles should also be taken in liability. So, for example, had the German "Zeta-club" displayed zoosadists and contributed to the Enlightenment by giving the lawenforcement all their professional insight in that case.

Regarding the consensus of such relationships so I'm sure that behavior analysts should urgently more research in this direction, but as for a general deny consent I don't belive that in my opinion.

Hi Steve. I agree that choice of sexual partners and sexual orientation is a basic freedom that needs careful protection for all animals, human and otherwise. I also agree tentatively, at least with Singer's principle: if all parties consent and get pleasure, then there is no problem.

But consent is the tricky part, obviously, and I differ from Singer on this point. I am open to the possibility that non-human animals could "consent" and get pleasure from sexual interactions with humans. But since they cannot communicate with language, how do we know? Also, I think that there can be "consent" to an interaction, yet the interaction nevertheless exploits one party.

Because we keep animals captive, there is already an asymmetry of power Presumably consensual zoophilic relations would only be possible with a very tame, friendly animal, who has been socialized to humans. But aren't these the very animals who are most likely to be exploited? If all animals should be free to choose when and with whom to have sexual relations I propose to recognize 3 aspects of a consensual interaction: 1.

Before expectation : Do both individuals act on their own will? Do both feel positive about the upcoming interaction and express this feeling in some way? Are both actively engaging into the interaction? During experience : Do both individuals feel comfortable during the interaction? Are they relaxed? Do both have the opportunity to stop the interaction at any moment? After reflection : Did that interaction strengthen the bond, friendship, trust or love between both individuals?

Do they feel positive about the interaction afterwards? Would they do it again? All those questions can be answered by observing the others' body language and facial expressions. From a liberal point of view, at least 2 of these 3 aspects must be answered positive to consider the interaction consensual. And they are much better than this awful juridical interpretation of consent.

In my eyes consent is not a matter of a signed contract, it's a matter of respectful and empathic interaction and this is possible between two humans as much as between a human and an animal. I think it's necessary to differentiate between an objective and a subjective view on ownership, asymmetry of power, etc. I can't confirm your presumption. My impression of the zoophiles I know and who live with an animal partner is that zoophiles seem to prefer animal partners who have their own mind and have a rich character.

Some even joke about those "easy to form" "family dogs" and call them "boring", similar to anthrosexuals joking about slowpokes. The question is whether it feels exploited or not. Again there are the two points of view Torben mentioned. The good thing is: Animals don't ly and they express what they they think. If an animal begins to feel uncomfortable or bored it will express this by its means of expression. It is the responsability of the human to notice this and to respect it.

You can say animals can be educated to tolerate sex with humans. This surely is true. But we also educate them to be housebroken, to help with hunting, to help disabled, to take care of our children, to take care of our souls. Where ist the ethical difference? Animals can and do "lie" about their discomfort. Animals have a strong incentive to mask signs of pain and discomfort; those who exhibit signs of weakness or injury get picked off by predators.

How about the dog for example, mine who sits quietly and even wags her tail during blood draws and other painful procedures? Does her failure to bite the veterinarian or run away mean that she enjoys having a needle jabbed in her leg? Surely not. Often, the signals animals use to communicate their displeasure aren't ones we understand. I read one account on BeastForum from a zoophile who felt sure anal penetration didn't bother his dog because the dog yawned throughout the act.

He interpreted his dog's yawns in human terms, as a sign of boredom or nonchalance. In dogs, yawning is actually a sign of stress and discomfort.

A really important point. The example of the "bored" dog is a good one, as is the example of the dog submitting to veterinary procedures. We've genetically shaped dogs to be very tame, and thus they are likely to submit to things they don't necessarily prefer. I don't think a wolf would submit to anal penetration. I'm not sure whether I agree with your "whether it feels exploited or not" point, though. In cases of pedophilia, the child doesn't always feel exploited--at least not until they grow up.

But an adult encouraging a child to engage in sex is still exploiting the child. But an animal does not grow up in a western human society and has to adopt its standards which say that the human child was exploited and should feel bad because of that.

If an animals feels good in a given situation, this memory will not change in the later life. What would you have said if GOD wanted human women to have sex with animals even in heaven but then again i am not serious. After more than a days after the law against sex with animals was introduced in Denmark, the first and only sentence has been passed: a year old man was caught in the act by his sister-in-law, when he stuffed his penis into a heifer.

Porno addicts as young boys, sexists as adult men. In short, that is the conclusion of a study undertaken by the University of Nebraska presented at the largest conference in the world dedicated to Psychology, taking place in Washington D.

The data collected from a sample of adolescents and adults Read More. The number of individuals who have completely substituted their sex-life with online erotic videos is continually increasing.

Which speaks to a sexual orientation based entirely on online hard-materials. Shocking news in Holland: increase in the average age of the first sexual relationship.

According to a study conducted by the Rutgers Foundation, that analyzed a sample of 20, young people under, the average age of Dutch males and females who lose their virginity is In this way they are at high risk of contracting serious infections, such as syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV.

A threat that exponentially increases during summer when flirtations are more common. In particular, single women Read More. In England and Wales more abortions were performed last year on women approaching middle age than on teenagers. Official figures from the Department of Health show steadily rising numbers of abortions among over 35s that have now overtaken those among teens.

Abortions among women over 35, counted at 28, in Read More.