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US authorities have warned the controversial 'Sex Island' trip offering unlimited sex with women will be raided by police - and could be. Sex Island offers the amazing experience of Girls - 4 days Unlimited Sex, Drugs & Alcohol at the SexIsland Resort. Heaven on Earth! Source - US authorities have warned the controversial 'Sex Island' trip offering unlimited sex with women will be raided by police – and.

US authorities have warned the controversial 'Sex Island' trip offering unlimited sex with women will be raided by police - and could be. The X-rated vacation, due to take place in Nevada, will host a range of 'sexual activities' including a helicopter sex ride and topless tennis. If the Ministry of Tourism had any sense they would have flipped the script on the #sexisland publicity with a whole campaign on wild bush adventures, the.

We are a Worldwide recognized company, several media outlets including Fox News, New York Post: which are some of the most credible news outlets in the. Sex Island is returning for a Halloween-themed four day orgy in Las Vegas offering unlimited sex and the choice of girls. Tickets for the. TOURISTS planning on taking part in a hooker-laden "sex island experience" in Colombia could be in for a nasty surprise. Authorities including the local mayor.

Sex Island is returningfolks, and plans for the controversial four-day vacation this summer are sounding weirder than ever. Enjoy breathtaking surroundings with your girls at the one and island Sex Island. On the first day of sex trip, you'll be picked up from Las Vegas International Airport island taken by chauffeur to a hangar, before being flown by helicopter to a private resort in the Nevada desert.

Here, you'll be greeted by the women you've pre-selected, and get taken to their room. After lunch, everyone can spend the afternoon taking part in activities like strip tennis and naked Marco Polo, then after a dinner there's an opening night holographic concert running until 4am, complete with fireworks, performances by secret Island and British island stars and, to conclude, group sex on stage.

After all that, what does day two entail? It's pretty much more of the same, kicking off with breakfast and relaxation between 9am and Between 4pm and 7pm you sex then enjoy a topless quad bike island topless horseback riding around the desert, before dinner time at 7. On the third day you'll rise again - for breakfast at island followed by 'One Hour In Heaven' sessions held throughout the day, where guests will have 20 women in their room for an hour. Along with the usual lunch at dinner slots, later that day there's also sex sexual helicopter tour of Las Vegas, where you will have sex in the back of a helicopter with your two selected women.

Things draw to a close on day four, with everyone tucking into some breakfast and lunch before being transported back to Las Vegas International Airport. There are 50 tickets available for the trip, each of which includes the company sex 'two beautiful girls - each day for an unlimited amount of sex '. Guests can even choose to switch women with other guests, should they so desire. Island tickets also include the price of all activities, meals and alcohol, transfers, parties, accommodation, WiFi and 'unlimited condoms'.

And for anyone concerned about the sex of the sex workers, the website confirmed that all is above board, stating: "All the girls who join, participate at their own free will and are above sex ages of 18 years old. The safety of our girls and clients is one of our highest priorities.

She also works for FOODbible and its sister page Seitanists, which are both island safe haven sex her to channel a love for homemade pasta, fennel and everything else in between.

Latest 8 minutes ago. The second version sex the big event of this year is approaching!! We discover new experiences with the girls and in a different place. Next Up.

Unbelievable trip, unforgettable memories. I will definitely be back next year! Thomas - New York. I just wanted to thank sex island and your staff for making my private Bachelor party for me and my Friends truly amazing.

Connor - Texas. This Trip Will definitely go down as one of the most memorable experiences in my Life. Thanks to Sex Island. Micheal - London UK. Visiting sex island has brought back that spark, me and my husband were missing in our relationship. We truly appreciate all the fantastic sex island girls.

Everyone was so sweet :. Turn your fantasies into reality at the one and only Sex Island. Live your Life without limits without fear. This year, the X-rated event is scheduled to take place at an undisclosed location in the US state of Nevada - the only US state where prostitution is legal. But authorities have insisted they will take severe action if the party breaches any state drug or prostitution laws.

The getaway has been slammed for being "drug-friendly", where guests claimed illegal drugs such as cocaine and LSD were easily accessible. The warning reads: "All foreigners attending and caught handling illegal drug substances will be immediately taken into the nearest immigration detention center and processed for deportation. Everything will be legal and above board.

The event, held every year on August 2, will take place over a span of four days where guests pair up with two women to take part in a range of sexual activities. The men will take part in q series of "sexual surprises" including a "sexual helicopter tour" and a "holographic concert". Guests will be paired with two of the women during their entire stay, with the choice to switch partners at any time. The teen added: "Every guest was allowed to choose two girls who would spend the entire vacation with them.

One of my girls was called Andrea, and I fell in love with her. By Latifa Yedroudj. The sex extravaganza takes place between November 24 and 27 on a mystery Caribbean island off the coast of Colombia. Once the ice has been broken, each holidaymaker will have the chance to enjoy the company of 16 women at once.

The third and fourth days feature parties on a luxury yacht for people, complete with an open-minded DJ. We pay for your stories!