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Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. A1Salsa De Tomate (); A2Rio Manzanares (); A3Al Vaiven De Me Carreta. Sabino do Acordeon · Sabino José · Sabliminal · Sabonetes · Sabor Brasileiro · Sabor de Alho - a Quentura Ardente do Forro! Sabor de Maçã · Sabor de Mel. capaz de concluir suas jo- gadas. O Brasil .. O pacote do governo sai este mês e prevê 2 tomates sem pele picadinhos. – 1 xícara .. Um sexteto interpreta músicas compostas especialmente para o projeto. Qua (18) às.

The Panama American. Place of Publication: Panama City, Panama Publication Saiu Frequency: daily except saturday sextsto sunday [may 12, ] daily[ former oct. Saiu Dates or Sequential Designation: Oct. Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: All applicable rights reserved by the source salu and holding location.

This item is only available as the following downloads: XML. WSW m i.! Sexteto hoa. The refugees' clothes-wem soiled and torn. The re- volvers they carried had been'-fired several times, They said they had "eliminated" guards watching the plane, after crawling up behind them on hands and knees. The plane, a fantastic single- englned mere o p o f sev- t fmi lM parl t. O O, th. O was put on a year- probate. CJl- mdists. Cs for S w4a, but Wuth meKtings wer already jader wvfy teday. Those tomate the rally in- clude, foreign delegates and AlUied tonate sexteto being held In readiness, but no tomate disor- ders are expected.

Alert Communist police today patrolled. The remaining sexteto linking the bleseted city have been barricaded off. The move followed Predent.

T rVenh to share the Truman's m ent Wed- 1oer. These sexteto member. In a brief the cold war. Doo said dv- L. But he said Uo-tt had broken iWU dk es mand o4her minor up the allied doo at y.

I Directors. The question saiu changing the present Panama Line schbdules tnvolves any knotty ijelims, Some of'the factors Iblf d'are: saiu. Assesslbllity to thb4rliclpal purchasing centers tor' suppe and equipment rwqW S, by the Panama Canal Compai 3. Costs of the operat6b of sexteto steamers on longer or shorter runts.

The efftlncy in trm por- tation services for employes and their 4familiea to and from the Canal Zone. The questions sexteto making sche- duled stops doo some southern port and regular sexyeto to the West Coast have arisen on, many pre- vious.

Numerous re- quests have been made by port officials for Panama Uine serv- ice to ports along tie Atlantic seaboard, the Gulf Coast, and the West Saiu. Senate, co together would If the bill la passed, it would iron out the di erences. Auw I UP - tte Tomate ead quarters office he' yesterday to await Senate conft gtlitq of saiu appointment to scceed, the late Adft.

Forrest P. He told tomate in his -first. He is "fully aware of my great responsibility," the salty, -year-O sailor said. Truman Uisssed the Navy's task! EVA, Aug. Deputy-Rep- reneztative to the United Nations Economic and. Zonov that. Soviet Union has always saiu the people's welfare to a minor place in com- parison with investments In. L ar- maments and heavy industries, Kotschnig said. He said he felt Adm. McCormick, vice fomate is the amotint it spends on saiiu of Naval operations, may be and cultural projects.

Kimbaln said Fechteler States. The U. Kimball aid. He 's a heck of a good man. As they Saiu up the slopes a fleet of Shooting Stars plastered the Red positions with napalm. For two days before today's final attack air and artillery bombardments had been hurled at the hill.

Some 53 Saiu light bomb- ers of the United States Air Force smashed at Pyongyang last tomate In one of the heaviest raids of recent weeks. Bombing through clouds by ra- dar they destroyed big waiu dumps and left parts tomate the city sexteto 'flames.

Negley K. Teetersi is due to arrive in Pan- amA via air tonight on a special mission in connection with juve- nile delinquency and social as- slstance. He will be accompanied by 10 social workers and a pro- bation officer. Teeters and party will be met and sexfeto by a group of Panamanians who have pursued this field of study In the Tomate.

Among toomate are Dr. Clara Gon- zAlez de Behringer, Dr. Camilo tJustiniani, Jose M. Fatndes, Francisco Cornejo and Guillermo Zurita. A special reception in their honor will be given and they will also be entertained by the Asso- ciation of University Women of Panama. During their short stay in Pan- ama, Dr. I ran over it near the Labor office on Roose- velt Avenue," he gasped.

Hatcher followed. He fired two shots and it fell to the ground writhing in pain. The reptile was a six foot 3 inch long boa constriltor. Meanwhile in Kaesong reports come from both si' indicating that a compromise to break the nine-day ste"- mate may soon be in tomate.

A break in the deadlock, which persisted through. This four-Jet swept wing A- bomb carrier is namedI the Tomate ant. Shortly after reports that Brt. Henderson also disclosed that British designers have produced the world's eo fightr plane.

He said toamte considered British policy as regards light and heavy bombers has been justified. The first RAF Canberra squadron has tomte been formed and a large number of squadrons will be formed during the next twelve months. The new Hawker-built fighter which successfully carried out its first saiu recently Is designed not only to sextwto with any bomber likely to be In service for some time but to be 'faster and have higher performance than the Russian MIG-I5 and the Ameri- can Sabre.

Seven planes, including an am- phibian from the 9th Air Res- cue Squadron, are searching. The Information Service zexteto lease sKid the Korean demfll. This fact alone showed tatlsh the creation of a demilitaryd zone along the parallel was nt suitable or satisfactory.

Though the present battlfef has been virtually unchas for weeks the United Natl censors have never permitted correspondents to say exactly where it is. It seems likely that a c p. Asked about this, the United Nations briefing officer hoe said it concerned a substantlvl part of the negotiations, n that he could not comment.

Faha announced. But most of the convicts didn't seem to mind being caught. They had been sent tomatw for long terms any- way, sexteto they had spent all the Income tax refunds. Jones explained the prisoners ent in false withholding receipts along with their income tax returns.

The blank withholding tax re- ceipts might have been smuggled into the convicts from the out- side. Jones said. The prisoners' plan to pick up spending money was uncovered by prison officials tmate became suspicious of the amount of tax business being carried on behind bars. The Internal Revenue Office thanked prison authorities for their cooperation but said in- come tax auditors would have discovered the ring eventually just as they uncovered a similar situation at Arizona State PriMU recently.

Apparently their failu e discouraged other onvl. Lovers Bend Sfxteto 5 Chiriqui Cape Avinof Cape Ann Cape Cod The ship, with 12 passengers from the Canal Zone is headed for San Francisco. Among sexteto aboard are Mr. Emilio BelUlno and uo, Mr.

Robert Graham of Gatul and Sexteto. Amanda Tomate Guillen of Ni- caragua who had visited her daughter in Panama.

Avila 5-Aqui Estoy E. Campbell Pon La plla F. Avila 7-Bijagual Jose Rodgz. Cobb said baseball, to survive, needs the "reserve clause," which binds a layer to a club for life, or until he is sold. White- Washed Detroit-. AB R Lipoi, s. Robinson, c 0 0 White, p.. Cain, Lipon. Two Base Hits-Groth, Cain. Three Base Hit-Souchock. B New torh. Cleieland at Philadelpbia N. D94aft it Beten N. LAui at New York I. Louis C 6 10 1 Boston 40X 14 2 fantord Left on Bases-Detroit , New York 8.

Base on Balls ff-- White 4, Schalock 3, Shea 1. Struck Out by- Schallock. Hits and Runs off-Schaflock 5 and 2 in 7 innings; Shea 5. Hit by Pitcher-by White e. Winning Pitcher-White ; Losing Pitcher--phallock Louis 4. Brooklyn at Cinolnnat N. New York at St. Leau N. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh N. Philadelp'a 14 1 Cincinnati ,5. Louis 3 St Louis.. Pool Closes: p. Soto A. Valdivia Mena B. Josi Rodrigues 2. Icasa 3.

Samaniego 4. Moreno 5. Moreno 2. Sooe x 4. Hurley 6. The Caribbean I Congro opened at this mor lU at thne. Carlos Delvalle, seeretary-tressuaer of the 16oal league. As the Conress opened the dloeateso present were from Cu- ba, Puerth Rico and Venesuela all ,members, of the Caribbean Confederatien along with bservers from Colombia who are expected to join the organ Uation.

Also present was Robert L. Finch, seretar of the National Assoclation of Minor League. At noon the members called oi President Alciblades Arose- mena, then went to the Ppnama Golf Club where they had a luncheon at The Congress will be continued tomorrow. The New York mayor desgrib- More than 6, New York box- ed Sugar Ray as "temporarily ing fans were at the pier when the former world's middleweight ex-Middleweight Champion Ray thamp," lobinson stepped off the "8.

The doctor who attended Rob- Liberte. It took of them more than was stale for the title bout. And Sugar Ry' told the crowd: "It'll be a different story Robinson promises to get plen- when I fight Turpin again next ty of rest before the next go with month.

Nli rrs says there's nothing de- finite yet about plans for the sec- ond fight between the two heavy- weights, but the situation may be cleared after another conference with the two managers. Norris says the fight probably' will be staged next-June if it's not held this year.

The Ancon five got off to a fast start and maintained a Wom- fortable lead throughout the contest. The half ended 22 to 17 and the third and fourth quarters were played hard by both teams with Ancon playing a tight de- fensive game and using a slow freeze for the last four minutes, emerging the winners, Lambert Montavani and Geo.

Lederer once again displayed their steady game which has contributed greatly to their team's' many victories. Ancon- FG L, Montavani.. Bacot; Scorer: N.

Reyes; Referees: G. I'm going to keep fighting as long as Joe Walcott is champ. He's older than I am. The Brown Bomber pointed out that there are some oldtimers at the head of the division right now, But, says Joe, some up and I coming youngsters have bright futures.

There is a chance Louis and Charles may meet this win- ter. A four-man committee which has been screening candidates for the job A. They ll do their pow-wowing in the plush Waldorf Astoria Hotel, starthif at 10 o'clock In the morning. One member of the screening committee Phil Wrigley, own- er of the Chicago Cubr- says the -owners are in "general unanimi- ty" on the type of commissioner they want.

But that's all Wrig- ley would say. So the speculation about base- ball's next. Edgar Hoover, boss of the 0- men. It's believed that the current congressional investigation of baseball and its reserve clause rule hastened the owners In their hunt for a new commission- er.

Some owners feel the game needs a single spokesman to re- present it at investigations and In law suits, several of which are hanging over the sport. Since Chandler stepped aside, baseball's executive council has ruled.

The idea was advanced by Cipriano Paz Rodriguez, Manager of Esso In Panama, who believed that all Isthmian golfers should have the opportunity to win the beautiful prizes that have just arrived from Peru. In this, the Board of Governors and members of the Panama Golf Club heartily concur, and an Invitation is extended to all amateur golfers to participate.

Old timers on the Isthmus will remember when Cy Helm, President of the old West India Oil Company, and quite a golf- er himself In those days, got the idea that a golf tournament to 1e really popular should give everybody a chance from the crack player in the 70's to the duffer who prays for a par.

In the old days Esso had a large staff and many of them participated in the yearly tournament until the war came on and the Main Office moved to Havana. Later on, new groups of Esso officials and also golfers par- ticipated in the tournaments sponsored by the Esso organization. Bill Lacey, Don Carlos Dunaway, 0. Since those days the Esso has been played as an annual af- fair, continued by Bill Lacey after Helm's departure, and final- ly taken over by "Bulla" Rodriguez. The Esso 'Tournament will be only 18 holes.

Sixteen will qualify for the 1st and 2nd flights, and 32 will be entered in the 3rd flight. Eliminations will be played, one round per week, at the time the players choose. If there is no settlement between opponents the official starting time will be 9 a. A unique twist has been decided upon for awarding the me- dalist prizes, one for each flight.

The qualifying rounds of Aug- ust 11 and 12 will be played only to place the players in their respective flights. Medalist prizes will be awarded on the play in the first round matches. This means, of course, that every player to be eligible must sink all putts. This should be very interesting as the golfers must strive for medal honors as well as match play.

Many a match will be lost by a missed one foot putt that would or- dinarily be conceded. This will prove that conceding putts is a very foolish practice that should be eliminated from golf. Ev- erybody can sink a one foot putt in practice but tournament golf and. The EsUp Standard Oil voices the hope that every golfer will enter this tournament and at least try to qualify for one -of the flights. Everyone has a chance of winning one of the beautiful and valuable silver prizes which are on display at the Panama Golf Club.

The Panama Golf Club wishes to announce that the course will be open on August 3rd to all who indicate their intention to participate. Entries can be made at Panama Golf Club office. M Two Burner With Mercury you are sure--backed by proof, not claims-that your Mercury ies built toast for more years than you may ever need. That's because every Mercury is. And that meanswesa strength, extra safety, and unbeatable economy of operation and upkeep!

M9 Mel4ddes Ave. Phone ZColda. Many makes and models. Sgozien rack and ottoman. Army type, 10 25 cycle refrigerator "Norge" wheels, One International R5 cycle, all porcelain. Fan 16 2 ton, , long chassis. In- Ech, 25 cycle, Phone ternational 2 ton, , short -Mbioo. One Mack 5 ton, , excellent condition. Call phone from 7 a. Phone Balboa , Diablo etc. Fort Gulick , phone Fire Station. Furniture, pieces or set. New tires, 27, miles.

Hand woven wool rugs. Silver Tone 97 d o o "e R'dio 20 cbinot model. Me-1 boa. FR :C S Westinohou. One Na'h Wet t v aio-bn n riio Ambassador 4-door sedon over- S porcelain cabinet 25 cycle, radios Ambassdor 4-door sedan over- radio tet-rs. Gatun "6.

House No. Melendezll now, four door Sedon Ave. Cristo- Packard, green, duty paid, while bol Coll from 9 to 12 and finished venetian blind slat-,, 3 ft. S stepladder odd pillows. Howe Pedro will receive new shipment of ports M:guel. Phone Curundu Heights x 17 tires. Can be seen Phone Must live in. PAD 32P5. Inundress for three. Sleeo out. Westinahone refrigerator. Mindi Street. Beauti-- fu rorved co'r-hor chest drawer Modern Swing Piano Instruction for or-ibinotion, S5 00 Frr-"' Fees moderate.

Bennett's Studio tmoe-trv size 52" x 71". Sosa No. Silex Coffee A substantial reward will be given Maker. Coll Sr A telephone No question asked. Orr cottoae. Santa Cloro, completely I 4 Limon St.

New Cristobal S, A bingo party is planned for to- ,' morrow. Canal Zone and Panama mer- Schants. Latest donations for the bingo were received from I. M5 Went 12t teeth. ST "W" strelt-Pami. Thursday, August 23, when they will be opened in! House Empire Street, Balboao. National cash register. Freezer suitable for restaurant.

Ham slicer. Mahogany dressing table. Table all steel 5 ft. Cnll mornings or after 5 p. Vilar family. End of 9th St.. Errriada Panama America, Lefevre Park. Best offer. The Texas Co. Panama Inc. Bennett's P;ano Stiid'o. Box , Panama. Gas stove, four burner, uoholstered livingroom. Phone Colon. Call I , Curundu Apply Chase Bank Bldg. I lth.

Bolivar' Phone Colon. Mexico Avenue No. Centrallv located. Maduro, Jr. A man's dinner jacket or two wom- en's celeyonese skirts from the French Bazaar Tailor shop. A bottle of exquisite per- fume from Casa Mottas. Mauri- clo's, a ladies white blouse. One electric waffle iron from Pemco's. A table lamp from the Electrical Service Company.

Two cases of beer from the National Brewery and from E. Hauke in Colon an inlaid coffee table. Donations for the bingo are be- ing accepted by Major Earl Lea- ser at Albrook Call Cristobal after 6 p.

Electric ice boxes. Phone 6- or 4. Meals a la Zone Two bedrooms, Frigidaires, Rock- I par- gas ranges. Balboa 2. Beach cottages, Santa Clara. Phone Panama Hope. Cristobol 3. Contact office No. New Cristobol. Co- lon. See it and compare, no obligation, Paitilla Airport Rd. Via Es- paia Telephone Elevator, garage new building.

Three and two bedrooms. Sobanas rood. Apply at A- 1 condition throughout, sleeps 6. Fully equipped. Ready to" go. Will sell- 16 foct boat, grey inboard en- gine; 16mm movie camera, pro- je. Call Nice appearance essential. Write to Box , Panama, giving qualifica- tions, experience and salary ex- pected. Apply American 'Protec- tion No. In Colon 6th and Balboa Ave, Colon. Tomorrow elaborate ceremonies will be held at Tracy, a town southeast of San Francisco, to signal the official opening of the project.

There, a pumping sta- tion will begin to lift water feet from the river into a canal which was built to carry water to the lower part of the state. Engineers from.

Why not save money, buying the besp? Monday, Wednesday Thursday to 8 p. Burns 50 Hours On 1 gal. All Parts Available. CO76n th St. Tel Pasnam 93 Central Ave. On Sale In P. The project is the culmination of several years of joint effort by California and Federal govern- ment agencies.

The first unit now in operation was planned by the Division of Water Resources of Oalifornia, and constructed by the U. SPCA superin- tendent, carried out his job.

While the youngsters watched, Sullivan was forced to destroy a pound doe which jumped through a schoolroom window. UP - Lawrence Kraud, a policeman, used a dead queen bee to corral a swarm of bees massed on a fire hydrant. He put the dead insect, which had been killed by a.

The troupe has traveled over South America and has received tremendous ovations for its East Indian ballet 3bad 'n en tirely different choreography from the ballets of Russia or the ,west. The toupeI. Arey, Jr. William 0. Arey, Jr.. DIempey who departed from Cristobal this morning a- board the 88 Panami. Dempsey is scheduled to have -a two- month vacation Itn the United States. Arey; his wife and two sons ar- rived in Panama last week fol- lowin g t vacation in the United States.

Previously, he had served the post two and one half years with the Public Affairs Office of the U. XM a In Bogota. Co- lombia.. He was graduated from the University of North Garo'-ia in andAifrom June of that year until worked on the staff of the Shelby N. The new drive will get under way within the next two weeks, when instructors will be available to conduct classes.

Recently, Joseph Bryan, who had completed his first class in Red Tank, found forty qualified students at the Pacific Club- house. This was the largest num- ber of students to have been qualified in any one class since the inception of first aid train- ing in local-rate communities.

Classes were organized last month by Raymond George of La You save when you buy the best S3 North Avenue Tel. A court order s1 kissless wedding to replace a required for such a marriage, mock ceremony that landed the even with parents' consent, "groom" in jail. But they im- when the girl is a minor. How- not live with his bride before ard Bozeban indicated he might he went overseas, Would i!

Thomas Carmon, 19, and would give her the right to, eek the girl unless they show "just an annulment If her 0ove,toole cause. Normally, the only "just cause" in such cases. Terry jurist said. An examination af- Brite, 19, the other "groom"'in ter the take marriage and mid- a "double wedding" last Sun- night. Families of Godfrey Aires of Chagres are un- both brides declined, to prose- eowA preparation for follow-up romance Ihas not Walter Alleyne is making plans materi ed between Br and to open his second class at the night-year-old bride for a Cristobal-Colon Baptist Church Canight.

Hal Clements, Jr. Department of the Canal Zone. Clements said. At the same time, Garmnon Run Down ly Drunk was let out of jail. UP "He didn't have to marry her Drunken driving sent E. J;,Hayes in order to Q ftfee" C. Hayes' ingness to take each other for said he was on the sidewalk when better or for woree" a drunk, unable to steer a That left it up to Judge Boze- atraight course, tU into him.

Mon- Mr. Thomas A. Boca I- lli. There will be a short M al Velasques, nts Ur k aInd. The nightmare of polio deformity is being licked with revolutionary new bone surgery.

Worn out. Whyb not read our Want Ads. The fugitive said he went to Alabama, thon to Tenhessee where he got a Job on a farm at Nrin. He told the state at- torney that he finally decided to hang hiaoUl fbecaund he "feared they would fin4 me at- ter a while.

UP -Ma- ry Carillo Is yeradld and her friends were alarmed when she had a hert attack and was taken to the hbltal. Their alarm was short lived. Doctors said her heart alowed down but didn't stop. To prevent a Irthlien i and dafin,. We have the best Mahogany Furniture. If you don't know our Club System visit us and you will be delighted. All Casa Grant merchandise must be liquidated within the next two weeks.

X"elbrlght of Maaritar it Sbuffet party at their residence last fE fr of the Engelbrilght-Dunn wedding. SThose present included Chap- sy Maedl. Miss Judy Malcolm and lin W: w. Winter Mrs. Miss Grace imtis. Miss Rita Howard. John Harris. Herbert Busby and Mr. Healey of the S. Pan- M Karl Moulton. Reginald Armstrong and 14r. W Albert M. Wednesday evening were the All members of the Rosary Al- 0. Walter Hunnicutt. Leo Hunnlcutt. John T. Olan- tar Society of the Church of the e!. John W.

Holy Family of Margarita are ex- iAbiMrson and a group of officers pected to receive Communion to- aadietheir ladies from the U. Mr and Mrs. Koerber will party tgien by her parents. George Williams Thors- California. The party was ties through their church work.

Ci Newhard. Barbara Egolf, spend a month visiting in New Mrth Graham. Marsha Raoi. Locher Cared. Robert Lnw- aboard the Panama' today to rapc. Vernon make their home in Detroit, Ml- Want. Albert Ridge. Locher has resided SpAighter, Carlton Hallett. Duke 'here for the past eleven years and LeFranca.

Noel McGinn. Ebbit Mrs. Locher has been here four Steam. Danny Kissam and Tho- ears. Sa- ,and also on Monday evening, turday morning. August 4. Joseph Wasuleski. Jerr White, and Mrs. Cal- vin Krurnsick. R d The party was held at the home of the president.

Paul- Ing Marsh. Others present in- cluded Mrs. Wlham Bell. Arthur Cran- tWm eV mVr dai. Ernest Beck, Mrs. Henry Copare. Leslie Croft of Ave. IS Telephones: 4. Miss Pat- S.. Yes, CI. AP's makes only baby foods. All are mtaty, nu- tritioes, and economic. Cg r I;, 'I. Dorows at Santa Clara Mr. James Boom Dorow and daughter Laura am spending a short vacation. Santa Clara. Dorow's twb-week ab- hence. July 27 at Got- gas Hospital. July Car- los of Miraflores.

Carlos of Panama. July 31 at Gorgas Hospital. Julio of Panama. Claience of Gamboa. Harry Lee. Julia, of Rousseau. Dorothy Irene. Gilmer Young, Jr.. Patricia Lee of Fort Clayton.

July 29 at Gorgas Hospital. Matilda, 83 of Panama, July 30 at Gorgas Hospital. Irene M. War 4 ,-. Voters in outlyn ar eai "''o ill.. Fine Silk 5-ps Cott Zl. Fine Black Panties Swim Suits, from Driw Slightly Shopwdrn Cottou Drwes. MEN Fine Shqts.. Bow Ties. Fine Undersbirt Boys' Pajam. Boys Undershirt. Boys Shorts, Tepns Shoes for Boys Girls White Bags Boys Sweaters Babies Shoes.

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Mreo Auguste. Joseph ieter, who's a mayor tpo,-busn Me U.. Sbett r. AU ae muIenI. The incident was getting some dignity via the Silence Is eot--n process, but Billy Roe can't eot-slaiply has to get bh name in the papers. He arues that nobody was there and coAldn't. The Lindy acro4 rebuttals: "Maybe so. They're In Rose''- Individual nimitable-style. Love flash in obak, o rved on a s e. Got 'bored with.. Inviting Diosa Costello from "South lacfle",. Whatkind of a new con-game i t?

B'demmid d. Cad- maiP n-ek A ro d. How mash did Sen. If it pays off for a. The jspcda kind of creative thought we are underwriting Is called "research," which is to that It 'Is a organized ef- rt O reawq ur understand- Ing of the fer9oesof nature and to utilie them more and more for our benefit. Apd remrse h if It is to hae ea4ings.

I think the resi s of this fertile process have.. The startling increase in our living standards since the beginning of this cen- tury Is a development of our own times one that we have seen flourish before our eyes.

We eat, better food, wear bet- ter clothing, live In better houses. The standards of even the most American home have chlitbed upward tedly. We work shorter hours, wit less - tigue and Improved health. Our children g oCn to high adhool and college where their grandparents. More and better goods for imore people has proved the most re- warding coursj for all three.

And it is the production re-. We could. Until recent yearS. Only the introduction, of mo- dern machinery, 'developed by research and largesealse n- vestment. In similar fashion, peasantry on the farm was banished when the iron plow and the reaper replaced the hoe and the cythe.

Today's woman's life ti made easier and healthier simply through revolutionary develop- ments In handling foods, mak- ing clothing and providing fIa- tAfty needs. With bread deuveed to the -door, wate. Tang lylka. Can- sidering the somewhat rlce0lous eMa Wth which we amassed the ,lc ba.. Also INthe b, auu antelope with long, needle lo Wv. Ocinlty o: Lake Manyra. I-expect I was sort of0ug. S5 Wtebuck. SI u s nt a week arom d, the -,. I asievef Worked so hard for aytblg in. We clim- ed minor mauntalns.

We stirggled through swamp oase and high cane and crawled on beles. In the bakaroad of te battle bethtes President Tnri. Paul Douglas over the llnois Judgeshipe is. Truman's move is almost certainly. Tom Henings of M rQuri. Arvey, who is a god cUt above most big city bosses, is in a senw the political godfather of Sen. Arvey bs'V ,e n the past one of the Demo- oralc porty's uisat panjandrums, and perhaps the most powerful machine poltliclan.

In tLhe. Kl- enho. In baking ibower. Arvey d Aot enden r A selt to President Truman. A vey sto most W bo s.

The two bootable animals we found. All we reaped was charges from angry ales who resented our presence and revered In immunity. The oryx was nearly nix. The two little bands we found spooked and took off from a thousand yards The lone bull we stalked on foot was never under 00 yards from us, and in thidk cover. Adam and tidogo, the gunbqaere. Uh and mountain to gWt to. We even had tostalk a Tommy ram, usually amen- ablt. Far6 soup. We ate Ptulatawny, courtesy of Mr. Even the beasts we had been seeing disappeared.

The 18 mile. But just wait 'till tomorrow. Fact Stew t. Alsop Already Nash controls nearly half of Chi- cgo 's Democrstlc wards. In other "weak" wards, the ward leader are sitting o the fence, un- til it becomes clear who is to win the battle. Wrc Nash. T6us Nsh to by no means a bad bet. SThe judrsldlp row really centers around one.

For is va- cancy, Douglas proposed the able, non-polUtcal Wl ulan H. King Jr. Douglas did not consult Arvey In advance - he t by no netans "Arvey's man" or indeed anyone's man but, Arvey loyally backed up NA's candidates, on the other hand, is Corne- lius Barrington, 'an amiable-.

Harrington was actually hroased to TrubiMa by a major Democratic contributor and Presidential acquaintance call- ed James B. But there has never been any doubt that argton is a Nash man. No doubt Truman had his personal reasons for tht public slapping of Douglas and Arvey. STruma has never liked Douglas. And it must have given Truman pleasure to slao back at. For Truman cannot be sure that Douglas and Arvey will not again leave the Truman reservation in And whatever the immediate consequences of the Jqdgehi, row, Truman can now expect to have the full support of the powerful Nash roren 'atthe tMS convention.

Obviously, moreover. Truman would hardly have backed Nash so openly unless he consider- ed Arvey a waning and Nash a rising power - a Trumaon may well be right.

For Oew reasons, erhau even more than Tua remark' to Oen. Truman's B the 1 2inole Judgeahip ight sa" a reat f bhlIm tntentions, fo' W WAM M?

Second hf imadeI ho oemaftm enst to reetore civil liberies, including freedom of re oult. The senators trl, liudIB the. Wiley also reached around the baek of King Paul of to shake hands with Mrs. Jack Peurifor In -mn a way that bumped the ing on the back.

Franco's revealing statements Came in answer to questi e by Gillete and Sparkman of Alabama, after Franco boasIfMt tha he could mobilize 2,, men in case of war with RuauM q "How many of those two million would you commit to thei defense of W-estern Europe?

Obviously it was a ticklish question and in the e"4r, the dictator ducked. Neither Gillette nor the other Senators knew what. Finally h. In Spain during the last 13 years we have been. In a state of turmoil. There has had to be someW curtailment. As time goes on, we might be able to remove swHoA of the curtailments. Truman, in OK-ing the new liaison with Spain, had demanded that Spaih permit Protestants the right to worship.

In Greece. When Sparkman relied "Alabasa. The Queen showed that she could be Just as quick with pun as Sarkman. Dd you know Mr. Peurifoy learned his uS and downs ag an elevator, operator in the Capitol building 15 years ago? Most embarrassing moment of the trip happened to Sen- ator Wiley. In the middle of his -tbast, the roll-call bell rang, and the mem- bers rudely dashed from the room.

Chief Acheson defenders were Mrs. Frances Bolton of Ohio. Jackson warned his colleagues. S "I don't like the backdoor approach of doing things. John Phillips 9f California, had been changed so many times. The Voice cold bp coordinated, but I don't think' It should be -cut any more. Cu, M d con; James R. Willett, Chicago, receieUd men.

Pipe- Cvtl Engineer oin the Survey n't Ie t1at. Look at P am. L 4sa tr Bn. Reyno lda O wio ]. BaM'bara, Caiforn, nuro. Sanders, l they fe o f the per- from my agent, or this a methoe Ld a e f c' cf Creek, Colorado, powerhouse Vt omen's role rarely fresh start in t me t ',o producon erator at Madden Dam; Wes- come to a ro de blondes. Pasadena, RCalo m, gone out of Hollywood. Harold ,Jr. My illusions about Breaking PoN t" "il a The ," many moUnths after war' s dA sand ;with the stamp of' sophistication orn the daughter of a pioneer boa; and William M.

Ille lielveiies eyolnted on the game torn to he well balanced. N,Ixv, attentive to the guard of R i ckel and Patt n. Perfect]v sy tic] lrnnized with the rear, thalik. Half -. The performance of the adriatie in-cider put the Swi" tea m I :nl of cnnu-ol. Per,isting marc and more on the attaek, which was not hard. Piact a calis sure of the cirtnrc. AIranwhila the defense of the Helyetie,. Levando a melhrr. L'altaz :n' atrge n a ral-reira. IS suios I. CI 11 a11silio d a retagnar la. Set,'c para neutraliza r o vigor do adt, ers ;irio ytte senic dificuldadrs em sua, i11filtraes.

Barbm,a c uvenal mosu-atu - se indecisu S nu lance- do que ,e aproveita, cutw. FatU,n, livre de vigilancia , para empatar. N bra,ilciros cm frente. A partir Ilc,tc momento. C I CC i ] idalltente e r ualluc at yne r jutz emersa a priulcira etapa da Iuta. Os Centro. Alm ile Stttbcr c. Lggman e Quindi c cucarregam-se, etli maimr d 'se, de anula' a, investida ; dos bra ,ileirus. Balthazar camiog tin the rtm but fail,. Al RA1. The Swiss practice il e marking of th e q,panem Mliielt difiicult, the action of th e ]tr:tziliall,.

The tactic of Il e I lelt-eties. It neutralize, the iienght of the opponent tyllich feels difficult to infiltrate. Pari the Svyi are getting firmer. At the li the ont,ider Tamine drible s. Frima takes charge of th e kick. Tbc ball goe, to althazar ' s heats, whic h beau: Stuber,.

Prom that moment the Styis, go decidedl y o the attack, till the moment tchen the referee ,ign :ds the end of the fir,1 half-time o f the gam. Brazilian, hc,icgc ilegtently the citade l of Stuber. Th e cross Aboi of 11yellal to tile appoIielIC s area aimed tu discminate panic all thei r d, tiens. Besides that Stnhei altencion never failed. Aettr y Irggm :m and htinche, tool : care in a tyide tyay.

The llelyetsc, detenee receive bratcly th e charge, of the opponents. Ihec also latncli sporadi c attacks. A1 aiaila, Hela s guran :a de stia defrsll. I i i tretilita. Irisa mimna, mais tarde lajkmA, ; , depoi, de boa enmLinan can i Ilabck assimila o 2. O, mcxieanas, etnbara cuttfnsu,, nui desanimaran ,liante densa cantagem.

RC -iniciada a partida ora mgo,l :triis raltam il asscrliar forteutent'e o redor o final contrari, '. Actea das rap 'vlas invcstdas, a media Cajkncski ernia cum Garte arremcss a bi :i a, lides de larbajal, mareando a 3 : ' goal" ingoslarn. Dai en, diallte. Gmsegnenl, aos 43 ' , cum nm penal. Macis algtms lances. Heyn Paragaai I" tempo Iugoslavia, - 0 i Gool. The Vugnslars.

It was un the l'J' of th e game that Boberl:, with an imlicidual prriurmance, atrr gettin g rid ui screral opponents marks the fit :. Half -Tim e. Far iron brin! They were abl e tu do it, on the Durante Crca de quinze minuto s de Iuta, a. As infiltraifes. Vargas, portn. C1l pustn. Mais dois nrnutw. U comandante. Coni a conquista de doi, "gua i a. Fm consequncia, os guar anis passant a eml,rcender forte reato. Tudat'ia, u temp a e,coa-se e os sttecus, iirntes na de esa, mantnl a vanutgem de O selec 'vnuulu dn Paraguai niai cia a peleja di.

Leguizamon, inspirado, impulsiuna aim aert11 a sua tangnarda que. Os suecos atuam bastante recuado, , facilitandu assim u avana dus pam-. Skenssum , desta uttma, duhnteti lo a duras pn,. Uni nlintit'u antes do jlliz encerra r prlio. Loving the tors, the i aiagua s ans give the kick-nii. Ihsriu g utinutes of the game, the ritals limit thelnsel te n the rust I. Hake tm,, dittictdt imertentsons to sat e his goal. From then on, the Norther Leconte the hettter unes on the icld.

At the 24th utintste this territorial stilxrioritt hurts itsel f on the score. Two minutes later. The South :Americans continue on the attack.

Rut, tinte expire s an the Swedish team, stroll- in the defence, maintains the score. The Paraguayan sicle returns te, the field v,ith the intentio n of oLtaimting a tie, the nouer the better.

Leguizanton, inspired. The Swedish team plays on the deiensive, snaking easier th e attacks the Paraguayans, tyore roll-hacks even attempted tu shun t in goal. Svenssost is stthntitte 1 tu hard proofs ,i rkiifttllnes s and agility. Notwithstanding, at the 30t11 minute, after a sequence o f strong attacks, the European guardian is involved in au indeiendid,le tvay. Gatillan passes the hall tu Lol es tvho, in a rash, invades the penalty area and obtains the long expected 2 2.

Stron g ist their defence, the Swedish repel the attacks trying to avoi d Inosng entirely a game tthich was their, at the begitting.

Unc nrnute before the ref L ree stopped the game th e Scandinavians had the chance to ohtain one more goal. A iew more minutes and the gante ends with a tie d :core. O : espanhofs inicioram a peleje, procurando, a todo transe, o mminho da arce de Livingstone. Os chilenos, ante o volume de cargas dos adversrlos, concenlram-su no defensivo. Aesim, estabelece-se verdod. O i,sider oteando vecvad, ejudo seas com ponhei,os o obslor o sucessu dan homes que vm senda realizadas, nclodomenfe, por Bassora, Zorr a Galnza.

Possador os primeiros movimenlos, o selecionado do Chile reoge, ntra-otacan ci o. Ramollets, dispondo de boa colaboraa de Alanso, tem oportunidad,- de intervir. F le,. Goinzo desloca-se para a dreil o e. Lvingstone abandono a meta a fim d e corta : a Irajetrio do bolo.

Todovla, chocondo-se com Roldan, confunde se, d o quo ss. A defeso chileno, par. Mas, a preseas, de selecionado do Espanha continua. Em ataque espordic o do : andinos. Gonzalvo III devolve o esfera grande circunferencia.

O comandante espanhoi escapa, enta , pelo centre de gramodo, epesor de perseguido por aqule ; j no rea, Zarr o choca-sv. Lwingstose que vie,u no seu encontro. Mai, olgumor, aces e mm a lase. Os extrema s trocom de posida, a fim de que Goinza, no diretta, promova bolas cruzadas e m favo : d, Zorro e Rossora, dais bons cnheceadores. Com esse padrc de logo os and :nos agem con mcor desenvoltura. Robledo , ,. A aseen denca do- sulomericanos, pouce n pauto cometa o desaparece- , engvanl , quo o : esponhois vo se fortalocendo.

Apesor disse, os arqueros n a tee, grande oti, ;d. Passades alguns minutos, recomepa r os otoques. Alguns instantes depcis, terminen.

Busquet Cremaschi, Robledo,. The Spanish team starts the game, trying, at any cost, to fin d the way to Livingstone ' s goal. The Chileans, in view of the omoin t of their enemie's attacks, concentrate themselves in the defence. Thus , goer on a real duel between the Spain forwards and the Chilean s defence helped by Cremaschi. The insider plays with the defence , helping his companions to hold the involving attacks, remarkably mad e by Bassora, Zorro and Gainza.

After the first movements the Chilea n Alonso, ha s sid, reacts. Ramallels, with efficient cotaboration of thr opportunity to intervene, and he did it with success. Basque retake the initiative of the attacks. Gainza run s through the right wing and sends the ball across to the area. Livingston e leaves the goal, trying to stop the ball but he bumps against Roldon , and Bassora takes advantage of the situation and at the 17t h minute scores the first goal.

The Spanish continue on the attack, trying to cause panic o n the last defenses of the South Americans. But the Chilean defenc e behov, with bravery holding the skilfull attacks of the Spanish. Bu : the Spanish pressure still goes on. Busque ; pes by disputes with Zorro, and loses it. The Spanish commander scothe center pursued by his opponent, invades the area an d crashe : against Livingstone who had left the goal to meet him.

Impelled by Zaria, who fell to the ground, the ball goes slowly insid e the net, at the 70th minute of the game. SPAIN, 2 0. The outsider s change positions, in order that Gainza, of the right promotoes crosse d ball : in favour of Zarro and Bosscro, two goad '. Robledo, playing back, and Cremaschi, running back and for ward, make possible for Mudoz and the outsiders to make continuous attacks against the Spanish goal.

The actions become less decisive, with a slight advantage t o th, Spanish team, which little by little improves his attacks. Livingsiom- makes more defences than Ramallels who, however, makes a much difficult one from a direct kick by Cremaschi. O - z,,. Ililln AV ' right apui :a A 1 anni1,n, yu , C,nA, it a rnm liemlce c 1lnntersen c, 6a ,e gnarictn, nasccm ame,c Aas :a meta 1anquec.

I -1 allt1,, rapidamente ruirtica n arinersirin. Bert AVilli :mns, an Finn de um as,din errad tin idcnse, co n ccdc ,cantero que. AV ' illiam. Releil , e, do desi -hu do lance que esiaMeceu o marcad, - d e 1-II a facer d1, ennjulnn antagonism. Omi :1s aches em perfcit , plam o de igualdarle, termina a fase inicial. Vinttev, dcj,ois, recebendo rte Dicksntt, atira sMr e iravc. ITneedcndo tia mc.

AIontersen , : i ,. A1,k,at dos ingliscs dominarcnt. Logo ayos, Rurghi cicuta se ;,rtu-a pegada, quand, Pinne n atinan ele curta distancia. I;orghi macuca , risco, cortando a trajetra da pelota , quando parecia que o "onze" da Inglaterra iria fatalmcute logra r f. Coli -. D, is escmnein. I' l'IAII'. Reinitiated the su-uggle, the Lnglish team soon hegins to com mand the attacks, forcing Rurghi tu make difficult interventions. Two corners are ceded hr the. Americans without any practical result.

The P. Piuuev, receiving front Dickson, shoots over the erosshar and so does Alortensen, afte r avninding two 1 1 , 1 nnents. In spite of the English pressure I'ariani alnwst ,cures the se court goal, but he sends the hall outside, losing an excellent upportttnitc. Rorghi makes a difficult defence, whets Pinne y ,hc,ots front a -short distance. Horghi and Co lombo, at the rear, with the help of their companions, 'ten those o f the front lice, guarantee the victors, in spite of the English effor t to Intdify the score.

Supported bt the de fence, which alreadv shmved safetN, the :American forwards chang e shorts and Cast gasses advancing until the English area. Bert William,, at the end of an. American attack, concedes a corner. At the 38t11 minute h. Jones : anta I jajich. Kmur comanda nuca arrancada. Venfio ic h Riti' 1 nuca distante rie Al alli, ca. Stallkmic rebate fracame li te : Zizinho retoma a hola c estende a.

Ade li b i na corrida, que. PR AS Na altura do Augusto derritha-o porto da mcia-Ina la grade area : M ; tic cobra. Ademir cruza ra,. Voltam a campo as cyttipC,. Coco noca minutos. Augusto au'al,alha-se :w au-azar part Rarbosa, concedendo esra11te o. Logo aga, ha unta falta de 1nttmr. Is kicked-mf f. Ieyanuyich kick, the direction of Toina,eyich echo i, stol ped Lv J m enal.

At tlu 3r,1 minute fair receive ; iront Adeni :r. Ieses this great opperttmit. At the ,th asinine jttytnal stop, Tomasecieh and give s s Chico, MI. Viikas exccntes tilt corner-kiel.. At the 11th minute the Ittgoslayian s force aga i n. Saida dos paraguaius : lari entrega a Lopez que, rapidanxnte. Inovinentaud o P ;ksvl U;ni que impedirlo pur C espedcs. F,ludam-sc os advers :rio,. Decorrermi 12 ninno,. Gavillan reut no seo eucal i; o, enr a driblado : continuando sua corrida, o "tncia esyuerda - passa tan betn por ;ulalita c.

R1 nte 1i a dr fondu, centra sdllre a rea ; a pelota etltra toda a boca ra meta, indo encontrar Carapellese n a ouu'a palita : inno ;lo "goal ".

Ao, 20 minino, Capelo tlua,c cungttista uovo tento : invaditi a ;irea livreulenc. Reageltl as "guaran,". Fa,c de equilibrio. Rcinicia-,e a peleja. O panorauta e o Inesno. Fattori cantem out arano de L. Unzain dce loca-se at u centro do campo e invade clere, batend. Relmmdm i ila corrida : nu entanto.

Mas, todos o. Irle o "placard - se luodifieasse. The rital, studv- each other. At the 5th minute Moro make s a d j ficttlt rdefence : the hall came from the Ieit. The ltaliaas bugin to preduntinate. Alucemelli attacks ht- llis ,ide. Lopes Metes tries to organize a counter-attack, bu t he faces himself with ffie severe ma eking of Nlamondim.

ITAL , 1 0. Thc ball again in circulati nu, the Italians in-ist ,n the attack. At the 30th minore tupelo alnro,t scores the second gnat : Ile intaded the area alone, but shot tcithnttt direction.

The "guarani, " react. Atall,s crosses high in the direction ni tara, tchn is steppe d lg Ftiriassi. Attacks iront side tu side keepin g both finals in constant danger. Direetlt- aftencards. Leguizamon takes. Thu Italians ar t. Thee attack inassantlt' but the l'araguacan defence is in l,-- 1 forma. The game is reiniciattd. Il minutes l ' i relatiee eilualitc I as,es h Y.

From this tmnlneot ou the Italian, trt t o consolidate the trimnph. Capldo b. Fattoli -top. I"f :AIX 2 0. The l'aragaay. At the 30th ntinutc the I'aragaayatr s are ,till teeing. Edit all their attacks are stolpecl Im the Italian defence. Valencia ; csty lama 1wi , alt. Ai]9 4 minati],,. A lgartmatz proava roml. Rtdobr ;rse o CsG. A ti perinnlade lo, untguainx ,c titani esta de farm i elitr a. Com ca t-antagem mc marcador.

Aerradeiril etapa. Lugo primeira ma tt. Decresce ntuitu o ritmo da peleja. Selli 1-C s pIssbilidiLdes. Alas ai], 3 3 m]imut. Arbitra, G. Dottilo Italico 0 0. In the recharge, Baile e gives 1 , Fitine. The gaine is interesting and fall of nimemeut. The game proceeds equal h :danced. Finney produces moments of sensation. He run, from th e intermed i ary line and passes by Gonzako Ill and. Alan, ,.

The ganic gets warm. Bi the 27th minutes BasSOra tries t dribble Dickinson. Ras,ora and Zarra. Kamallrts defends and the first half Nine expire,.

In orne o f those attacks. AVilliatns way : the hall is left for Zarra ivhu sevre s the first goal. AM At the 8t11 inimUe Bailey almost suceeeds io score, takin g ackantage of an i ndecision of the Spanish defence.

Five mimttes after Finney run. Territorial superiority of the British ream. At the 30th minute the actions alrrxdv ,how equal balance. Tlu Bridsli are no mure with the same enthus'asnn ,ho,liying sigl e of being tired. The Spanish take advantage of that handicap an d return, to the attack.

By the 38t11 minute Igoa loses a splendi d opportunity to score. And with thr yietory ti ; ckl away. Aor 5 minaras nelehnm dos quadros ohtme ntida t'antageue.

Cremasehi cnneanda urna. ARaeez e, 1 a inomellu. Tentane az Chilena, o primciro "goal ". Prieto e Ibaflez eligansln sei uta rea lorvs, encarregand,. O passe. Ci 11LP. Cinco minutos decorrent e qual e ['ariani escinkec o ignaldadc riti vareador, completando boa jo, al a ohn Souza. Aun pomcos o, chilenos t-oltanl a predominar-. As sine des anpados no neau-cador.

I ;m sua printeiea a1':ueada Riera harrado par F. A l' V Trans iorna-se o l,ma,raena da elubate , agora equilibrado, carresl,on Icnrlu a iglialda l e do ",eg re ".

Tanto os chilenos tanto o , osate- amerc ;mo.. Ri,hledo randa a hola de cnc,,ntru a1 Irn'csho. Ro i as relate alto, no sentirlo d- Prieto que, de i Mando ',. Pone, mais tar le. Americain, rite, the kick-off. Gaetjen ; Bite, to 1o 1 ttht. The l hilenan, iniciate then. Bt the? I :oja,. The Chileans tri fur their tint glial. Prieto and Ibaez pas s bt their opponents and the latter send, the ball high oser the area. Ibaez 16 th runs after him.

Lut the center-forward frees himself and. Cf1ILU 0. Thu :Vmerleans react. Littl e In tittle the Chileans return to the attack. The tu,sle becomes diil ; cult. At the 29t11 utinute liorghi jumps over Cremaschi to sav e his goal. Bosquet takes front john Souza : entirely free. The :Antericani hcgin, the second half in tt fulminating way. In his first advance Riera is stopped bi Keough. At the 3rd utinute Goetjen s invades the area and prepare, tu shoot, receiving at the last nwntent i t tout trout Vlachnca.

Vlaca executes the penalti- kick an d ,cores. The panorama of the game bemire, different. It is equal halanetd now. The Chileans as nmeh as the American, Bite all spec ctn. I ja, shwa, back in the direeti,,n. CHILI : The Chileans attack navre and snore. Intl racing the i r ,uprenla". Cabe a laida aos anuos. Prierllaender passa a :Anto iien, n a lateral : pur ,tia ccz. SI'lc :A Alis pouco,.

N a altut'a do Retornara os uics a atacar imlmtiusamcntc. Cuntudo, a d tesa mexicana esta atenta. Sete minuto. Carbaia l precipita-,e, deixandc que a baLt intada a sua meta. Cacarli rcinicia a partila usi aeu periodo complementar. Nota-st entre os stnos a iretensao de consertar a supremia no mar Cadm. U 'serateli - da Soma se defiende cm consentir mi dominio territorial por parte do adversrio. Este ataca l aos interntedo do extrellu, llares, que.

Responde Naranjo, 1 oreen A elasgtte z situa-,e offside", anidando a jugada. Ruca exceuta pm lateral para VtIasquez que, rpido, drib!

Partida equilibrada. Falta uni minuto para o trmino do cotejo. SL IP :A, Flores, Noranjo, Casorin c , 80, Sw'tzerland gives the kick-off. Friedlander passes to Antoneu , who, in turn, nives backwards to Lnzenti ; the attackfug trio advanc e and the center-half Eggimann crosses the ball ; the Mexican defenc e is taken by surprise and is alloost beaten : it shot from Nader wen t user the crossbar. The goal kick is given, but the damer has not pa.

Vit Mexicans are not vet articulated. Nader tan k the risk himself and heat Carbajajl. Rl,ANU Little by little, the NIMu tt team gets organized. At the 20t1 minute the gante was almost equally balanced. Two chances wer e list : the first, when Flores sassed lninche and shat from a shor t distance, the hall heating Bousquet : the second, in a well organize d attack h lasarin, Naranjo shot, wide. The struggle proceeds with enthusiasm. The Sw i ss team returns tu the attack.

I-luweve r the Alexican defence is alert. An interesting duel begins. Antonen attacks. Carhajal hesitates and the hall crosse s his goal line. On e can notice among tile Swiss the pintension of conserving th e supremacy on the placard. In the mean time, the Mexicans mak e efforts to take the zero off. Narbolla almost succeeds in that intention, by the 8th minute. The Swiss teats defends itself tyithout permitting am terrinall advantages to its pponents.

The Mexicans attack by mean s of Flores, who tries to dribble Mir. Ortiz intercepts kith his hand a pass fro m Nickell tr Friedlander : Laurenti takes the direct kick and Bade r with his head sends the hall dangerously over the gold. Narimj o answers the attack, boat Velasyucz is given in " off-side ".

Mica executes a Inm to VeMp tuz who. In the next K minutes the Swiss defence works hard t o avoid the Mexican attacks. Jepsson entrega a Polmer que tenl a Sandgvist intervem Danila passando a Maneca, suiado o bota, panem, pel o linhc de fundo. Aps bea jogado de Skoglund que Jepsson compleloes para fra , Zizinho, aor 4 minutos, recebe o corro na e0ura da fmha mdia sueca, dribl a Ir'. Odversrios e no momento do chute e trancado por Nordhall, que rebate. Ao- e n inulor de iogc os brasileiros fonam com maior intensidade.

Svensson , en ltima recurso, mando a escantcio am tiro de Ademir. Chico executa, criando-s e uma situaec confusa denire da rea cscond ;nova, desfeito por entrada oportun a d- Svensson. AOS 9 ' Ademi, persegue o tolo que e'aavo tronsp ;ndo o Ilnh a centra para Zizinho, que a mando os rcies ; entretanto, bem colocado, o jui z anula e lance. Reagem or. Aos 14 minutos Bgode comete fallo sbre Sundgvisl, no bit e do re. Vislumbra Ademir , sollc. Embora algue s arrancadas dos brasileiros oferecam perigo, os suecos reolizam vario, Incurses, ponde em xeque a meta de Barbosa.

No entanlo, aa s 28 minutas Zizinho fez perigar o marcador com uro sem pulo-. Essa fase d a porlidc. Decorridos 35 minuto s Chic, livro-se de Anderson e croza otto ; Manero pulo juntamente co.

Erik Nilsson , lev. Faltara oit,. Ao 39 minutos Adr. Con e meses padreo dos instantes finals da etapa anterior, os brasileiro s lattiero a segunda crepo. Chico ovon s;a peto seu scio, e possa a Ademir, qu e apara ne peito, en seguida no cabota e atina no trave lotera Revidom os sueco s Jepsson de :pe-dpo Ymo oportunidade frente de Barbosa, posteriormente a uro loncomentc de Stellan Nilsson. Vollam oc bros ;leiros a domino. Base:, Zlzlnho e Chico cenoni a rcr. Anders-n cobro marco.

Finalmente, aos 43', Ademir e Zizinho coiduziram a bela, mandando-o a Chico, od. Mado ; o pontelro des olguns posso, e atirou bem. The Swedish team wins the kick-off. After a good ploy by Skoglund spoilt by, Jeppsson by putting the bal l outside.

Zizinho, of the 4th minute, receives the ball at the intermed ;ary line , dribbles three opponents and at the last moment he is charged by Nordhal, wh o kicks back. By the 7th minute of play the Brasilions attack with more intensity. Svensson , in Iasi resource, sends to corner a sh-t from Ademir; Chico execute, the corne r kick.

Ai the 9th minute Ademir run ; after the bat] that was going out and gives t o Zizinhc he sends it inside the r,els ; however, well placed, the referee annul s th.

He sees Ademir free , and gives him the ball ; the center forward dribbles Nordhal, unit with o stron g let. Although some of the Brasilian attacks were dangerous, the Swedish organise d Meanwhile, Zizinho, of the 78th minute , several attempts tc Barbosa's goal. This phase o.

On the rebound, Svensson saves the situation. Danilo passes by Skoglun d 8 minutes before the end of the first half. By the 39th minute Ademir run, towards the left side and gives in th e direction of Chico, who is in the ore. With thoi score the first half-time ends. With the some standard of play of the first half the Brasilions start th e second halt. Chico advances by his sector and gives to Ademir, who control s the boll with the chest and offer with on the head and shools against th e upright post.

The Swedish team react and Jeppsson loses a splendid opportunit y face to face with Barboso. The Brasilions dominate the game again. From the middle o f thu field, Zizinho gives to Ademir who invades the area and shoots. The Swedish play declines and their opponents dominate entirely. Bauei, Zizinho and Chico surround the swedish defence utte r 15th minute. Ademir takes advantage and score s another goal,. BRA51L By the 33rd minute Palmer scopes and Bigode gives o foul-penalty.

BRA51L b Finnally, at the 43rd minute, Ademir and Zizinho carry the ball and giv e forward tc Chico, who walked a few steps end shot well. Iplc l ' CNtl Os Artis Irs mdios chiani coni srgurana.

Gabenau a thduli, Varela apoiai con,tctntemenlc a ofensiva. Aos 13 minuta, k ;AmiAIct, tem ocieio de praticar arntjada defesa.

Irnthora inta mi a presa,. Alonso veil, et a M. MI It e ch lton para a lateral. Au, 37 minutos Schiaffino mltrapasa l'ichades e G,lalcl ; I1. C 'urrcndu Iltais lite :uuzalro li. Alts 4 1 minamos llasora e novauteute p,lo cm cumli de atacar, I t er Molo il'v : :Andrade vai si ,I lrr n rstrenta e,pat ilwl mas deisa- I manobrar : entai. I ;t,,e :. Gtmve ;t o periodo comp l cntentar cum s urtlgua n.

AIcsar de hens arndttztda, ;1 tagg l ;u-ds; 'Wem ;ll? Ler; t a bola para a entrada da rea e, quando us I frnsores rspanhl s :I g u ;u-rlav :nn I. Moving the ball at the cgining of the game. Alignez, afte r receiving [runt Schiaffinl, due. Also the Spanish do nut obtain ans. The 1 ' rug ia 11 s ehna- a bigger volume ut play on the nex t 10 minutes.

Its three hall-hacks plas. Although tecling its melt[ ' , strength. Andrade stols Bassora and give, t ' Vidal, who avuids Plichadcs and passes tu Julio ferez near th e hig a lca : however. Ab ;ilso moles tu the rescue and ,end, th e hall out. Iry lite 27 minute, Schiaffino , ii rpae, Ptichale, and Gnn. Running navr e than Gonzalo II the outider invades b y the side of the area and gives a cross shut ;.

Precisely ai the 39th minut e igoa attacks ; understanding his conipanion ' s intention, Bassora places li inseli on the entian e of the area waiting ter the pass : it contes an d Bassora driblcs -Andrade and Tejera. Tilt Vrtiguaian s Ba , tal i io the detente. At the. Bassora beats laspuli, tif AIN They equalize the gante.

In spit of well led the Mental vanguar d toes not succeed, again m breaking through the Spanish defence. He finds a Itrcach in the defence and goes through it. Agita o. Rtalizuns o! I ani hi. Incursiona a ofensiva biasileira. Baurr Iena n I,elota at a entrada ola rea e arrestata : beni colocado.

Ranille b mgalr. Segue-,e Ion lance de sensaCo quando chico receh c de Ziz litio e adira, bateado a bola e ni Alonso : na volta o extrema ehnla.

RMidans os tspanhis. Igoa mociraenta Gainza gnt, rpido, cruza para Zarra ; conchcn o avant e I ar. Cans este anee,sa a, Lrasileiras passant at controlar as moles. Baner de,arnsa l'msi7O, rana nstmsento de prCSs a dar cspanhis. Chico eampletoti cum avito. Aos O derrarlrir'I lance Ile ptrigo naece i de Bassora. Recomcta o prLo dentro das mesmas caracteristicas.

Aos 2 nf. Panizo e Zarra virara frustal o pel Zt intCncnrru ele lgode. O tira inapaavcl. HRAS11, Is brasileiros dinrinueni o traili- el e A partir desse tento ' jugo.

Adensir e Chico rompen a defeca espanhola ; anttcil,ando-se ao seri companheiro. The- referee plow, the M1istic giving the I : : ck-of 1. The lirazih ;ms n, however, by l'ai-ra. Tile laide is at the nulle of the field. Gonzalyo 11 tala,, the direct kic k l ' ut Rarhosa dciends it. The Brazilians fonyards attack. Rawer carries th e hall until the area '. Rautallet s defends safely.

Seat, it happens a sensational Inov'e ; illico receive s iron Zi7inh, : and ,hoots ; the ball t "ltchc, :Alamo ;old return, ; th e owmirler shoots zu"ain very near, this tinte, tu the. AIter that. Ilv tl e minute Patter disarms Panizo, in an attack of the Spanish. I ; The ktst 1 ; ornate. At the h Gainza receive s troni L'assura and alms sends the ball outside. The last dangerou s otye was made he Rassura.

At the 3rd minute lair attacks and is tripped by. The shot was inapealalle. Ralnaliet s couldn ' t do anvtlng. Adenii and hico breake op the Spanish defence : anticil. Alomo and g ives o, Zi. Bauman , parses liigode and crosses over the circa : Igua goes alter the hall. AIS 1- t. As equipes urug uaia e sueco rncsm :t Ke cheque nits suas costas e ea a, rides. I irad. Teicla cede e, canteio. Netti par is,u ras sttcu, abattduuam a ofensora. IhsVCncilhandu-se da nlarrt5u.

Jl ellben. Abandonan lVerda leiru posto. Ghiggia ,e IcAinit par a ccntru li campo. Frik Nilsson iuterlktz-se, deixandu gite :t I. Aliguez atira coin frEa. Us sucus, deVidu, prorarellnente au ardur cura que se eml. Mais algmis lance, c termina ' prlio. Aiter taking the nss. The corner iras taken. The outside right Iiintself kicks the bal l in the diretion of l'aimer. Che L'ruguaians flo not get d ;scnnraged with this goal an d trw t9 impwe their pruduetintt, tr mg to reach the opponen t goal vwith in,r,:ued in ensitc.

Three Ittiltntey later Ines0 11 engages himself in a duel wit h Tejera and ;rets hurl. The Seeden, nexertheles. Ihtrng xcertl minutes the gante is played ou the same leve l bS both teams. Craving his ovin position, Ghiggia takes to the center o th e field. Senne, 1 - 1. Inhansscu gets the hall ami runs Ily the.

Paz mithdravws htutili, giving Svay to the il-ee :. Swede 2-l. At the Luth minute the Uruguayans had the territoria l Vidal passes to Schiaffino who gets nlidled up, losing thin a good chance to score a final. The Svyeden, prohahl5 due tu the fierceness Ni ith which the n tri tu race the Urttgu :p'att pressure slunv ,oui, lircllness. Ghiggia throw-, t o Alight. Urtiniay L'ut th, tivcrdcn are also ticII prcicu-rd.

As primeiras i mestidas pertencet a tti aos ibricos, lieur escorado, n a I Itha mdia. Svensson e amuelsson mostratani-se atentos. Aos seis minuto, obscria-se. Gratlatiiatmente os sucos tao nte I li orando. Dispettt -sr os c. Hscoam-se outros gttinze miento,, acentUandn-se o predominio dos esciti xl malos, que s c lanam frente etn busca de nota s iantacn,.

Logo rie salda Imlcosa ludibria a tia ntttelsson na mmcaao e penetra m a rea pela lateral : arremata Coln violencia: Svensson e laina ale encontr o hola que, batendo cm scu hrao va c at Iohanssen, que rebate em direa o il metade do canteo.

Durante tinte e cinco mintuos o. Aiattott , levando a ntelhor sobre Alonso : quale rente lima de fundo deslocott-se para o centro, objetivando u m angolo que Ihe perntitisse o chute : Fizagnirre abamdonou o arco e fui ao scii encontro ; Mellberg, pormi, atrazott par a Palmer, que conseguiti o ponto.

SUE CiA. CongUauto restassent poUcas esperattas, deudo ao "placard relativa mente alto, os espauhis continuara n forando a detesa coutrara. Afinal, ao s 35 utinntos uncosa arrancou at a bandcira ele corner " ; sentilido a aproxintadao ele Sanntelssoii, centro : pata Zarra que. Nos ltimos dez minutos a partida transcorreu equilibrada.