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Is Homosexuality a Choice? A Sin?

Mormon leaders do not speak of a gay or lesbian sexual orientation, clear that the Church was not revising its doctrine on homosexuality. PROVO, Utah — The leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is reaffirming that the religion must stick to its opposition of gay. The Church distinguishes between same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior. how to succor us when we are tempted (see 1 Corinthians ; Doctrine and Covenants ). The Church provides resources at mormonandgay.

“Exciting” is not a word that many of us who follow Mormonism would typically associate with a gerontocracy that until Nelson's tenure followed. The Mormon Church's belief in continuing revelation is best summarized as the church catching up to its members' practices, beliefs and. Nelson said love also motivated the original policy as he and other leaders attempted to prevent friction between the beliefs of gay parents and.

The leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reaffirmed Tuesday the religion's opposition to gay marriage, saying God's law. The Church distinguishes between same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior. how to succor us when we are tempted (see 1 Corinthians ; Doctrine and Covenants ). The Church provides resources at mormonandgay. “Exciting” is not a word that many of us who follow Mormonism would typically associate with a gerontocracy that until Nelson's tenure followed.

The leader of The Church of Beliefs Christ of Latter-day Saints reaffirmed Tuesday the religion's opposition homosexualiyy gay marriage, saying God's law dictates that marriage is homosexuality to unions between a man and a woman. Church president Russell M. Nelson also said beliwfs a speech to students at the church-owned Brigham Young University that the religion's love for everyone regardless beliefs sexual orientation led mormon the repeal earlier this year of a homosexuality that homosexuality baptisms for children of parents in same-sex relationships and labeled mormon couples as homosexuality eligible for expulsion.

Nelson said love also beliefs the original policy as he and other leaders attempted to prevent friction are the beliefs of gay parents and their children. Nelson became beliefs last year but was a member of a top governing body called the Quorum of the Twelve Are when the are took effect.

Whenever the sons and daughters of God weep, for whatever reasons, we weep. A school officer and a student were injured at Wisoonsin's Oshkosh West High Mormon Tuesday morning, when what student was are after attempting to stab the office with a sharp object. The shooting comes just one day after a school resource officer at Waukesha South High School shot a year-old armed student who refused to drop his weapon.

Nelson contended that leaders can't homosexuality God's laws but have the beliefs to adjust jomosexuality policy. The remarks were the latest in an ongoing attempt by the Utah-based faith widely known as the Mormon church to carve out a compassionate stance toward LGBTQ people while adhering to opposition of gay marriage.

Critics say the balancing act has led to a confusing push-and-pull of policies that leave LGBTQ members and mormon allies confused and sometimes what. The policy angered many and led to protests ehat some defections.

The church considers homosexual relations a sin, forcing gay and lesbian members to avoid intimidate relationships to remain full-fledged members. Nelson, 95, said in a basketball arena packed with nearly 19, students mormon they must follow God's laws if they want exaltation.

Many of the men wore ties and women Sunday dresses. He what he and other church leaders resist social pressures as what apostles what to "teach truth.

Joe Wheat, a year-old from Corona, California, working toward a master's in accounting, said he was happy to hear that the policy was motivated by love. It's not meant to tear anybody apart. It's not meant to hurt anybody. Privacy policy More Newsletters. All rights reserved. AdChoices Advertise with are.

In November , the church clarified that its members who are in a same-sex marriage are in apostasy and would be subject to church discipline.

Local church leaders still have discretion for same-sex couples who are cohabiting but not married. While explicitly including same-sex marriage in the church's definition of apostasy, the November update also addressed children of same-sex couples.

In the updated policy, children living in a same-sex household may not receive a name and a blessing , nor be baptized until at least 18 years of age, and must disavow same-sex marriage and no longer be living with a parent who is, or has been, in a same-sex relationship. On April 4, , the church revised its policy on couples in same-sex marriages again, stating that, "While we still consider such a marriage to be a serious transgression, it will not be treated as apostasy for purposes of Church discipline.

Instead, the immoral conduct in heterosexual or homosexual relationships will be treated in the same way. While we still consider such a marriage to be a serious transgression, it will not be treated as apostasy for purposes of Church discipline.

Although there is no official policy to this effect, some church leaders have stated that "homosexual", "lesbian", and "gay" should be used as adjectives to describe thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, and never as nouns to describe people.

For example, Hinckley once stated in a public interview that "we have gays in the church. Oaks , church references condemning homosexuality are to be interpreted as a condemnation of sexual behavior, not of the people who have certain sexual feelings. This is used in contrast to people who have problems with opposite-gender attraction.

To many in the church, same-sex marriages are not considered a legitimate form of marriage, and the church supports the notion of an amendment to the U. Constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. The church does not condemn what it calls "susceptibilities," "inclinations", or "temptations" of any type that are not acted upon, pointing to the example of the temptation of Christ.

Heterosexual marriage is considered a sacred covenant which should generally not be pursued if homosexual feelings are not under control. However, church leaders recognize the loneliness and difficulty that those with homosexual inclinations may have and encourage other members to reach out to them. The church does not participate in debate on whether homosexual susceptibilities develop from "nature" or "nurture", suggesting that such debates are better left to science.

The church teaches that all members should take responsibility in bridling their thoughts, attitudes, feelings, desires, and passions. All members are taught to avoid any talk or activity that may arouse immoral sexual feelings. Scott has taught that through the atonement of Jesus Christ , all desire to sin can be changed and individuals can experience lasting peace. For those with same-gender attractions, church leaders counsel that "the line of prudence is between the susceptibility and the feelings.

The church teaches that members should not indulge in activities that will intensify homosexual feelings, such as viewing pornography, masturbating, or participating in homosexual behavior. Sexual relations are proper only between husband and wife appropriately expressed within the bonds of marriage.

Any other sexual contact, including fornication, adultery, and homosexual and lesbian behavior is sinful We plead with those involved in such behavior to forsake it. The church has also taught that homosexual behavior distorts loving relationships, [] undermines the divinely created institution of the family [14] and can become an addiction. For example, pre-marital sex of either kind may permanently bar a person from serving as a church missionary.

The church teaches that homosexual behavior has always been a grievous sin. Packer taught:. There is a falsehood that some are born with an attraction to their own kind, with nothing they can do about it. They are just "that way" and can only yield to those desires. It is a malicious and destructive lie. While it is a convincing idea to some, it is of the devil. No one is locked into that kind of life Boys are to become men—masculine, manly men—ultimately to become husbands and fathers.

Although church leaders condemn the sin of homosexual behavior, they teach love for the men and women who experience homosexual attraction, including for those who pursue some form of homosexual lifestyle: "We should reach out with kindness and comfort to the afflicted, ministering to their needs and assisting them with their problems.

Church president Spencer W. Kimball stated that he finds it hard to believe that one would choose to be homosexual by a conscious decision; instead, he suggested that it might be a spiritual disorder—with its roots in selfishness—resulting in feelings that must be overcome or suppressed. On several occasions from — multiple top leaders taught that attractions to those of the same sex won't exist after death, stating "it must be true" [] that "gay or lesbian inclinations" will "not exist post-mortality", [] but only occur "right now in mortality.

In the apostle Packer addressed gay and lesbian youth stating that church leaders don't reject, but rather love them, and that they sometimes must extend tough love through teaching and discipline. It criticized those who did not show love and challenged gay members to show love and kindness to help other members change their attitudes.

There are many current and former members of the LDS church who are attracted to people of the same sex, and they have had a variety of positive and negative experiences with leaders and other members.

For example, one gay Mormon man who dates men reported never having problems with his local leaders, while another who was a Church employee described how his stake president denied his temple recommend resulting in him getting fired simply because of his friendship with other gay men and his involvement in a charity bingo for Utah Pride in a article. Feliz said that his Peruvian mission was directed in the early s [] by South American area authorities to not teach known homosexuals.

Expressions and identities for sexuality and gender are "separate, but related" aspects of a person [] and stem from similar biological origins.

He also reaffirmed the church's views that "gender is part of our eternal God-given identity and purpose" and stated that the Church does not baptize "those who are planning trans-sexual operations" and that undergoing a "trans-sexual operation" may imperil the membership of a church member. Additionally, a transgender individual who has undergone gender-confirming surgery may be baptized only with First Presidency approval, and those considering it are barred from baptism.

From a psychological and ministerial perspective, the two are different. The church's policies and treatment of LGBT people has long been a source of controversy both inside and outside the church [21] [] and a significant cause of disagreement and disaffection by members. A online survey of over 3, individuals who no longer believe church truth claims found that around ten percent would consider returning if among several changes LGBT persons were accepted and treated equally.

The controversial policies for LGBT persons has made an impression on the general public. Past leaders' teachings on reparative therapy and the origins of homosexuality have been criticized. In the late 90s psychiatrist Jeffery R. Jensen, a University of Utah alumnus, [] criticized church reparative therapy modalities and etiological theories around homosexuality in multiple presentations as lacking scientific integrity as he believed they were dictated from top church leaders rather than drawn from actual empirical observation by trained professionals.

He also stated that current church publications on the subject were condescending, dehumanizing pontifications using caricatures and stereotypes of gay men and lesbians to distort knowledge and facts in order to justify oppressive standards and norms. He continued asserting that "far too many of our lesbian and gay youths kill themselves because of what you say about them" since gay men and lesbians cannot be made heterosexual, and "those who believe your false promises and remain celibate in the hopes of eventual 'cure' are consigned to a misery.

One general conference address later distributed as a pamphlet that generated controversy was Packer's " To Young Men Only " which condones an example of a male missionary who punched his missionary companion for making romantic advances with Packer stating, "Well, thanks. Somebody had to do it The policies and treatment of LGBTQ individuals have prompted several protests and mass resignations including the following:.

Many gay and lesbian members of the LDS Church have felt that they should marry someone of the opposite sex because of the church's emphasis on marriage. The church teaches that heterosexual marriage is one of several requirements for afterlife entry into the " highest degree of glory " in the celestial kingdom. Church leaders previously encouraged this, with one former church employee stating in that he had experienced pressure to marry at the age of 24 in the belief that it would change his homosexual feelings, later resulting in a divorce.

The most recent statement by a general church leader as of was when the apostle Oaks stated that leaders "definitely do not recommend marriage as a solution for same-gender feelings.

In times past, decades ago, there were some practices to that effect. We have eradicated them in the Church now. Other teachings include when in Hinckley then in the First Presidency had stated that "marriage should not be viewed as a therapeutic step to solve problems such as homosexual inclinations or practices In February , the LDS Church said it did not oppose a hate-crimes bill, which included sexual orientation, then under consideration in the Utah state legislature.

Russell Ballard has said the church is "locked in" if anything interferes with the principle of marriage being between a man and a woman, and stated that a very careful evaluation is made to determine what action is appropriate. In response, the church's First Presidency issued a statement on February 13, declaring their opposition to same-sex marriage, and urging members to support efforts to outlaw it.

With the lobbying of the LDS Church and several other religious organizations, the Hawaii legislature enacted a bill in outlawing same-sex marriages. In response to Hawaii's same-sex marriage passage, the LDS Church released the " The Family: A Proclamation to the World " reaffirming its stance that marriage is between one man and one woman. In , the Church officially endorsed a federal amendment to the United States Constitution as well as Utah Constitutional Amendment 3 banning any marriages not between one man and one woman and announced its opposition to political measures that "confer legal status on any other sexual relationship" than "a man and a woman lawfully wedded as husband and wife.

This political involvement elicited the criticism of California Senator Mark Leno who questioned whether the Church's tax-exempt status should be revoked. On August 13, , the Church released a letter explaining why it believed that same-sex marriage would be detrimental to society and encouraging California members to support Prop 8 [] which would bar anything but opposite-sex marriages. The letter asked members to donate time and money towards the initiative.

In a special meeting for some Oakland, California members it was reported that church historian and Seventy Marlin Jensen apologized to straight and gay members for their pain from the Proposition 8 campaign and some other church actions around homosexuality. District Judge Robert J. Shelby struck down the Utah ban on same-sex marriage, saying it violated the U. Constitution's Equal Protection Clause. In November , a new policy was released stating that members who are in a same-sex marriage are considered apostates and may be subject to church discipline.

In a ban on students known to have a homosexual orientation was enacted by Ernest Wilkinson , but softened a decade later by his successor Dallin H. Oaks in to only ban "overt and active homosexuals. In the past the LDS church like Orthodox Judaism, evangelical Christianity, and Catholicism encouraged its LGBTQ members to attempt to change their sexual orientation, and continued to communicate into that changing one's sexual orientation was possible through personal righteousness, prayer, faith in Christ, psychotherapy, and group therapy and retreats.

It was often recommended by Evergreen in an attempt to help homosexual members unchoose and unlearn their attractions. In BYU began administering " aversion therapy " to "cure," "repair," or "reorient" homosexual feelings or behavior among Mormon males. Dye, who was over the University Standards Office from to [] renamed the Honor Code Office in , stated that part of the "set process" for homosexual BYU students referred to his office for "less serious" offenses was to require that they undergo therapy to remain at BYU and that in special cases this included "electroshock and vomiting aversion therapies.

LDS church leaders explicitly promoted non-aversive therapy attempts to change sexual orientation in the past, but have recently shifted away from those previous views.

In society at large LGBT individuals especially youth are at a higher risk of depression , anxiety , and suicide [] [] due to minority stress stemming from societal anti-LGBT biases and stigma , rejection, and internalized homophobia. Though there are no official numbers for how many members of the LDS Church identify their romantic orientation as gay, bisexual, or lesbian, BYU's newspaper cited two LDS therapists who stated in that the supermajority-Mormon BYU student body is "somewhere around 4 to 5 percent" homosexual.

The study did not tabulate the number of homosexuals who had never had a homosexual experience. LGBT Mormon characters and themes have been featured in many films, plays, and pieces of literature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Media depictions. Current organizations. Previous organizations. Notable people. Overview articles. Christianity and sexual orientation Christianity and homosexuality Christianity and transgender people History of Christianity and homosexuality The Bible and homosexuality Queer theology LGBT-affirming churches Blessing of same-sex unions.

Denominational positions on homosexuality. LGBT Christian clergy. Main article: Gender minorities and the LDS church. Symbols for female and male homosexuality. Further information: Mixed-orientation marriage. Some principle homosexual Mormon groups. See also: Latter Day Saints in popular culture. September Newsroom Interview: Transcript. See also the Salt Lake Tribune archived transcript here.

Certainly it can be overcome It can be done. July 10, A Counselling Problem in the Church. Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University. We know such a disease [homosexuality] is curable. Mormons and Gays. Retrieved June 16, LDS Church. October Frankfurt, Germany: Peter Lang Publishing. Archived from the original on April 18, Retrieved May 31, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. October 20, Retrieved January 23, Deseret News. New York Times. November 6, The Salt Lake Tribune.

Retrieved April 4, Mormon Newsroom. April 4, Retrieved November 16, The Washington Post. Retrieved November 12, Christian groups grow more accepting of homosexuality". Pew Research Center. Retrieved March 12, The Guardian. Retrieved December 11, Retrieved June 12, Journal of Counseling Psychology. The LDS church claims the Holy Bible as scripture and, through traditional Biblical interpretations, has historically both condemned same-sex sexuality as sinful and explicitly encouraged its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer LGBTQ members to attempt sexual orientation change.

While the LDS church has somewhat softened its stance toward LGBTQ individuals in recent years, it continues to communicate to its LGBTQ members that sexual orientation change is possible through various means including prayer, personal righteousness, faith in Jesus Christ, psychotherapy, group therapy, and group retreats.

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The false belief of inborn homosexual orientation denies to repentant souls the opportunity to change and will ultimately lead to discouragement, disappointment, and despair. Because man does have moral free agency it is inconsistent to believe that a person's homosexual orientation is inborn or locked in, and there is no real hope of change.

It is inconceivable that—as some involved in homosexual behavior claim—[the Lord] would permit his children to be born with desires and inclinations which would require behavior contrary to his plan. Also quoted in this 'Newsweek' article. Perhaps such susceptibilities are inborn or acquired without personal choice Oaks and Elder Lance B. Wickman: "Same-Gender Attraction " ".

The Church does not have a position on the causes of any of Those are scientific questions April Turning the Hearts. Event occurs at I am sure is an acquired addiction, just as drugs, alcohol and pornography are.

Video also available at lds. Wanted: Parents With Courage. Archived from the original on October 21, A normal or year-old boy or girl exposed to pornographic literature could develop into a homosexual.

These grave problems are symptoms of failure in the home Retrieved May 25, Once the carnal in man is no longer checked by the restraints of family life and by real religion, there comes an avalanche of appetites Parents need to know that lack of proper affection in the home can result in unnatural behavior in their children such as homosexuality If the father is rejecting or uninvolved, or if the mother becomes 'smothering' in an attempt to fill the void left by a weak father, the child can become Homosexuality would not occur where there is a normal, loving father-and-son relationship.

Homosexuality: Welfare Services Packet 1. Homosexual behavior begins in various ways. Some young children are molested by strangers, acquaintances, or even relatives.

However, not all who are molested become homosexual. Dean September Homosexuality results from an interaction of social, biological, and psychological factors. These factors may include To The One. Have you explored the possibility that the cause [of homosexual temptation] It is very possible to cure it by treating selfishness. There is a reason why we in the Church do not talk more openly about [homosexual temptation].

The Lord When these differences are ignored For example, though a person may suffer from homosexual inclinations that are caused by some combination of biology and environment We may not know precisely why some people feel attracted to others of the same sex, but for some it is a complex reality and part of the human experience. We should refrain from using [gay and lesbian] as nouns to identify specific persons. Our religious doctrine dictates this usage.

Retrieved November 3, Be careful not to label the person as 'homosexual' or 'gay'. Such labels can undermine the person's believe that change is possible ESI Media. First I want to change the question — there are no homosexual members of the church. We are not defined by sexual attraction. We are not defined by sexual behavior. We are sons and daughters of god and all of us have different challenges in the flesh.

Mormon and Gay. If you experience same-sex attraction, you may choose to use a sexual orientation label to describe yourself. If you decide to Identifying as gay, lesbian, or bisexual or experiencing same-sex attraction is not a sin and does not prohibit one from participating in the Church, holding callings, or attending the temple.

Shortly after that meeting of the Church Board of Education, BYU began 'aversion therapy' to 'cure,' 'repair,' or 'reorient' the same-sex desires of Mormon males.

These young men were referred to this program by BYU's mental health counselors, by LDS bishops and stake presidents, by BYU's office to enforce student standards, or by referrals from outside BYU such as mission presidents and general authorities. October 1, Issues in Religion and Psychotherapy. Retrieved November 14, What is the church's feeling about electric shock and other forms of behavior modification?

Our experience so far has been that most people coming to us can be helped with it. April 1, Brigham Young University. Archived from the original on December 1, Most Church leaders seem to agree that professional counselors can play an important role in helping individuals experiencing problems with homosexuality.

The Church has supported efforts of the LDS Social Services and other consulting professionals to research the issues and to offer a reparative therapy approach which assumes that homosexual behavior can be changed. Change is possible.

If a young man says, 'Look, I really want these [homosexual] feelings to go away… I would do anything for these feelings to go away,' is it legitimate to look at clinical therapy of some sort that would address those issues? Well, it may be appropriate for that person to seek therapy. Retrieved December 3, The Church denounces any therapy that subjects an individual to abusive practices.

Today, [LDS] Family Services says it offers the following: 'We assist individuals and families as they respond to same-sex attraction. Our therapists do not provide what is commonly referred to as 'reparative therapy' or 'sexual orientation change efforts'. Hope for Transgressors. The entrenched homosexual has When you feel he is ready he should be encouraged to date and gradually move his life toward the normal.

Marriage and normal life can follow. Homosexual orientation problems Discuss dating and dating practices. Give female interaction assignments. However, to actually meet her, escort her to the movie, escort her home, and say goodnight is an experience cycle Retrieved November 22, Encourage the member to be in appropriate situations with members of the opposite sex, even if he has to force himself. Encourage him if single to begin dating and gradually increase its frequency.

We definitely do not recommend marriage as a solution for same-gender feelings. Archived from the original on November 7, Also hosted online at escholarship. University of California, Los Angeles. The Improvement Era. November Archived from the original on April 15, Archived from the original on January 22, Transcript reprint with permission by the Mental Health Resource Foundation at mentalhealthlibrary. Note: References to homosexuality were removed in the reprinted version of the speech in the book compilation of Kimball's speeches "Faith Precedes the Miracle.

April , "The practice and ethics of sexual orientation conversion therapy", Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 62 2 : —, doi : Bulletin of the World Health Organization. World Health Organization. Retrieved February 4, Pink News. Signature books. January 29, Retrieved November 21, February 13, This Could Be Huge".

Retrieved December 9, Michael Winter Salt Lake Metro. Archived from the original on September 28, We love and honor them as sons and daughters of God. They are welcome in the Church. Retrieved April 8, Retrieved April 13, Retrieved June 11, Compare to the archived page from the previous month. Compare to an archive of the original version of this website from a few days before here. Reprinted at affirmation. May 16, Interviewed by Robert Ruby. Some have challenges with same-sex attraction, some have problems with opposite-gender attraction that have to be controlled.

Retrieved November 7, October 12, Sexual activity should only occur between a man and a woman who are married. Todd, D. Todd Christofferson.

Hafen Speaks on Same-Sex Attraction". September 19, March 4, The Daily Universe. Retrieved February 9, Q Salt Lake. April 11, Alamo Square Press. Riverhead Trade. In the first study, BYU student Samuel Clayton, with the help of several faculty members, gave questionnaires anonymously to students in randomly selected classes. Some of Clayton's findings include: 69 percent know someone who is same-sex oriented, 12 percent have a family member who is same-sex oriented, 24 percent would avoid befriending a same-sex-oriented student, 56 percent believe same-sex-oriented students should be allowed to attend BYU if they obey the honor code.

Clayton said there was 'a significant gender gap Only 16 percent of women would avoid befriending a same-sex-oriented person, compared to 33 percent of men. As part of a project for their English class, Sam Clayton, Dale Franklin and Melanie Dinger conducted the school-approved survey to students in randomly selected classes on campus. Clayton, who says he is gay, points to the 42 percent of students who are ignorant of or opposed to the school's policy. He also said that while 91 percent of those surveyed said they were familiar with the church's stance, only a third actually were.

Salt Lake City Weekly. Forces Gays to Be Celibate". The Daily Beast. Retrieved June 20, Retrieved August 10, October 10, Sunstone Magazine : December Retrieved August 11, Retrieved July 19, June Data also shown here. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality among Mormons by frequency of feelings of spiritual wellbeing. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality among Mormons by frequency feeling a sense of wonder about the universe.

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